See how Burkina Faso save 66 kidnapped women

The security forces of Burkina faso has rescue 66 women and children in one week after suspected militant jihadist kidnapped them from the north side of the country, base for the state TV reports.

Because the mass kidnapping is one thing that they never seen before as the victims want them to bring food for place insurgency as it.

The reporter said that they found the women and children for inside bus in checkpoint about 200km away from where they kidnap them.

The report hasn’t clear whether they also catch the kidnappers.

It was on Friday night, the state TV shows the pictures of children and women, some of them when back their babies enter the bus from airport after one military official finished speaking with them.

Present now they where in the country capital of Ouagadougou where they will questions them to find out “more about those kidnappers, but their detention and there convoy”, it was the security source tell AP news agency.

They kidnap the women and children in two batches on 12 and 13 of January for the district of Arbinda.

Even the Militant Jihadists has block DDI road to enter inside and outside of that area. hunger has took over the people as food supplies was limited.

But last month, the protestors for Arbinda break enter warehouse to carry food and supplies.

But the full Burkina Faso was inside insurgency that will last for one decade and pursue two million people out from there house.

Although the military took over power last year January as them promise to end the attacks.

Even another set-off group of officers done second coup for September and says that the first group hasn’t end insurgency, but the problem was still continue.

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