The Big Brother Titans show will makes Nigerian youth talk of

The reaction of the launch as follow one new reality TV show, Big Brother Titans that started on Sunday, 16 January as Nigerians youth worry that it will affect the turn-out of the people because of February presidential election.

The Big Brother Titans was another version for Africa most popular reality show franchise, Big Brother.

The show housemates will comes from different part of Nigeria and South Africa that battle to win a grand prize of $100,000 cash as they try to keep viewers glued to there TV with actions and drama.

Although the Organisers has said that the show is was a combination of two shows – BBNaija and BB Mzansi TV reality show.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria elections is approaching, some Nigerians has condemn reality show that it will distraction the youth to actively participate for the upcoming election.

‘The Big TV show will distraction the Nigerian youths’

For many time, statistics has shown that many young watch the BBNaija version of the show and it obvious from there discussion on social media since the show started.

The Reports has said that the labour party, most supporters was mostly youths, we allege said that the new reality show will normally distract Nigerian youths from casting their votes on the election dates.

On one interview with the Daily report Post, the Nigerian singer/song-writer, Mr Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, it was popularly known as Charly Boy, asked the youths to stay more concerned for what trouble them.

”I expect young the youth should face the election, while Big Brother is still waiting for them” he said.

” Is good to allow them to just concentrate on what thy are facing , when they finish there voting thy can face Big Brother. Because Voting suppose to be everybody reality is not Big Brother.” added by Mr Charlie Chukwuemeka.

Issue was addressing , during the launch of Big Brother Titans, by one of the host of the show, Mr Ebuka has said ” the Nigerian youths is free to go-out to vote and also coming back to watch anything that they wish to watch.”

But since the reality show launch on Sunday, #BBTitans was still the top trend for Nigeria twitter space with other social media platforms as many people talk about the show and the housemates.

The 20 housemates is the people that have the show this year while battling for the 100 thousand dollars cash prize.

The show started on 15 January and will last for three months.

The photos-list of housemates

Yvonne was 28 year-old from Akwa Ibom State, present now she stay in Lagos, Nigeria. She was model and content creator.
Marvin was 28 year-old from Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. He study and he stay in Texas, USA.
Lukay was 31 year-old from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He was a sales executive.
Mmeli was 24 year-old, he was a Content creator come from Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South. Africa.
Nana was 22 year-old,she was an Entrepreneur come from Kaduna State, Nigeria.
Nelisa was 25 year-old, she originally come from Eastern Cape, she stay in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Olivia was 22 year-old, she originally come from Imo State, Nigeria. She was aspiring actor.
Thabang was 21 year-old Sports data analyst. He come from Soweto, but he stay in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Yaya was 30 year-old plus size model that come from the Eastern Cape, but she stay in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Tsatsii study Engineering, biotechnology, microbiology from Pretoria, South Africa. She was 24 years-old.
Yemi Cregx was 30 year-old, he was a Model and actor, he come from Ekiti State in Nigeria. But he currently stay in Lagos state.
Khosi was 25 year-old and a Journalist from KwaZulu-Natal. She currently stay in Johannesburg South Africa.
Justin was 21 year-old that come from East London, South Africa. He was a Photographer.
Kanaga Jnr was 23 year-old that from Abia State, Nigeria. He was an aspiring actor that stay in Lagos working as model.
Juicy Jay was 24 year-old that come from Eastern Cape, South Africa. He was a Semi-pro rugby player.
Blaqboi was 26 year-old that come from Plateau State, Nigeria, and he stay in Jos. He was a content creator and aspiring filmmaker.
Ebubu, 28 year-old, from Anambra State, Nigeria, but he base in Lagos. He was an actor and model.
Jenni O, 24 year-old and she was a Health and Safety specialist that come from Imo state, Nigeria but she currently live for USA.
Jaypee was 26 year-old and she was a nurse and model that from Lagos State, Nigeria.
Ipeleng was 24 years-old and she come from the North West, and currently stay in Gauteng province for South Africa. She was a law student.

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