One university in Uganda, a lecturer was arrested to court to face charges for slapping the female student during lecture.

While the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) of Uganda Police Force which was Dr. Benard Wandera, of the College Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University will face charges for court for slapping female student two slaps during lectures.

Though inside statement that Uganda Police Force post on his website, while Dr Wandera was under investigation for physical assault and harassment of the female University student, in one viral video that show one man that was other end of the lecture room, while raise his hand to somebody, two slaps sound , he shouted on her to “leave,”

Though the viral video make Uganda people to get angry. Police people said that have the video that they will investigate well.

The Makerere University, has release statement on 19 November 2022, that they condemn the lecturer action because he moves against the university policies.

“We strongly firmly condemn the lecturer action because he was against several university policies. Because the behaviour of the lecturer was unacceptable and it means abuse of authority that was given to nurture and guide students,” statement makes by university .

They also said their director of Gender Main streaming have “reach out to the affected student, share our regret, plus promise to investigate this matter well.”

While the university Vice-Chancellor, Barnabas Nawangwe, have suspend Dr Wandera according to the laws of the Public Service Standing Orders, the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act, and Human Resources Manual.

Dr Wandera will remain under suspension until all the investigation finish.

Because this was the first time that Makerere University, the oldest and biggest university in Uganda, was given news base on sexual harassment and “sex for marks accuse.”

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