Fani-Kayode the former member of the PDP also speak on the issues that the opposition party was facing which lead them to a split from the party with five govnors that was led by Rivers state Governor Nyesom Wike to form their group.

“First of all I recommend their courages and supportive, thy are known as integrity group, anybody that has integrity will be welcomed for our ranks to be alligned with us.

“We don’t want disappointment, we hope thy have the courage to come all the way to say to us that we are going support Tinubu because thy have know other option, than to say yes.”

“I am going encourage Wike to continue with his good works and as he was standing on principle, because thy are not treated well fairly within their party and also thy have right to do what ever them want.” say by Fani-Kayode.

‘The false allegations against Tinubu as a drug dealer have know sounds because it don’t shake us ‘

Because the allegations of drug trafficking or dealer against the presidential candidate of the ruling party, the statement comes that it doesn’t concerned them because there are all lies.”

Femi Fani-Kayode explains that “If people want to prefer this cooks lies, though to lies against person didn’t start today, because people day and night against his follow human and we seen and know the truth.

“Because this allegations was made 30 years ago, a situation where by American government sent there officials to Nigeria come back and plead that it was indictment against him and his was not convicted, thy even said for themselves that during the investigation return one million dollars to the person that was accused that he was a drug dealer, which it doesn’t have meaning.

“We are not afraid at all, because the whole things was a big lies from beginning to end, it was very clear from the facts that he done nothing wrong, thy will never indict him, or thy will not convict him too, let’s move on.”

We aren’t competiting against Peter Obi, because we don’t take it seriously’

Because Fani-Kayode also speak on a video that trend recently BolaTinubu has refer to the Labour Party candidate Peter Obi that “it was a disgrace to mention him name.”

“I to choice to said so. But some of the things that Peter Obi himsef and his candidate was saying about our candidate can make any decent person reason what will make me gives him the credit of mentioning his name.

“Because it only person puts his eyes into another person matter, day and night thy have chance to gossip about me, even my family and those around me too, I’m not in the mood to mention his name.”

“Because what we are going now, it was very important for the growth of our nation, you can come outside to speak anyhow but the thing is that did people choose you, we are talking about our country Nigerian but is only the people can ultimately decided.

” All Progressive Congress (APC) we are not worried, if was it PDP votes thy will accept. That means the real enemy for us was not Labour Party, because thy are too minor, the real competitor with us is PDP.” he statement.

On the controversy what makes the former secretary to the government of the federation Babachir Lawal to endorse the presidential candidate of the Labour Party Peter Obi that he choice, Femi Fani-Kayode has said that one don’t mean so much but it was his right to make his own choice.

“Though one or two people don’t agreement with the decision and choice to get a muslim ticket and I don’t represent that problem was with the leadership, I just feel like some people will not be comfortable with it, but one of them was gentleman that you mention that has bulk respect for.

“Already he make his position clear and he was bold to speak only for himsef.”

Bola Tinubu is not afraid of one-to-one with anybody (Femi Fani-Kayode)

The presidential candidate for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu was ready for the tournament, is not afraid or if you like, you can moves ahead with the others presidential candidates.

According to Nigeria former Minister of Aviation and Director Special Media Operations and New Media for the Bola Tinubu or Shettima campaign Femi Fani-Kayode.

“It was the candidate and his dependant on his schedules, because he has busy schedule, Bola Tinubu have done numerous rallies, more town hall meetings, he has do more rallies, he speak to more people directly and answer crucial questions more than probably all the others if thy put togeda,” he says .

Fani-Kayode throw more lite to what Mr Bola Tinubu has the right to determine where to travel to and where he loves to go ” he couldn’t go where his enemies will plan to set him up but he will connect with different people, that’s what his doing and he will continue doing it.

” He was the only one that has the choice to consider his opponent.

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