BTS members announce that they go break up for some time in June

The latest biggest boy band in the world, BTS will leave their fans for sometime “army”, to join South Korean military for their national service.

This confirmation Will end two years to come, the military duties.

For the South Korea, all the men that is in the age of 18 to 28yrs is in the position of serving for two years but they negotiate, so the seven BTS groups will postpone to starts their military service till they will turn 30yrs. But the oldest among them is called Jin was 29yrs.

So the band management has informed Jin that his going start preparation for service next month. And the rest of the groups they are planning to follow for their service, including the youngest that is about be 24 years.

South Korea has compulsory military service, because technically they are still on war with their neighbouring, North Korea has nuclear weapons.

How BTS will use to arrange their own military service

But this announcement came after BTS announce that they will take break as a groups, so that they can do their own individual projects on June.

The statement was reveal by Jin, the oldest in the group will start his own military process as soon as he schedule for his solo projects finish for October ending.

Jin informed the public for his new solo project on 15th October, that he will soon leave for the service.

The label shows that the other group members will run their own schedule to so that they can have time to go their own military service.

However, the Big Hit Music that was on there record label said that they are expecting all their band to go for service together and return back 2025.

They suggest that the latest, any members of the group can join military by 2023.

BTS have being together for almost 10 years and it was the biggest boyband in the world now

This is some of the solo projects that BTS members is rolling include:

  • Jimin latest moves is to feature the OST of 2022 K-drama, Our Blues, that they called “With You”. However, the thing is just, he planning to have his own music album.
  • Jhope has release new album that he called “Jack In the Box” and they currently shut out to promote video for song off the album that he called “Arson”.
  • Jungkook recently collaborate with American star, Charlie Puth for his new song that he call Left and Right. He also said that he will soon drop new album.
  • V also says that he will release his first ever album this year, because this is the last solo project, Christmas Tree, become it was one of the biggest Christmas songs of 2021.
  • Suga  collaborate with Gagnam Style singer PSY, for his new album on the song, “That That”.
  • RM his also preparing to drop his first solo album.

People ask why military service was compulsory for South Korea

Tottenham footballer Son Heung-min only serve for 3 weeks.

In South Korean law, all able-bodied men is expected to serve for 18 to 21 months for military to defend against the threat from other country nuclear-armed neighbor, North Korea.

But the law allow them to do special exemptions for some big people like athletes, musicians and others that made the country imagine bright.

Big-Hit Musics, the ground representation for statement says by K-pop stars “because is good to honored and serve” their country .

But their is some people that receive this special exemptions.

Even one of the Tottenham footballer Son Heung-min has completed three weeks of compulsory miltary service for 2020.

But he luckily escape the full 21 months for the sake of he helps South Korea to won the 2018 Asia Games.

But Lee Min Ho, that is the South Korea biggest actor don’t argue, and also he tried push his own for 2017 when he was 20 years old sake of his projects that’s running, as well as his said, that he is acting as South Korea cultural ambassador.


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