It was one of the relatives person that survive from the Calabar carnival accident for Cross River state say what actually happened.

One 15 years old Musa Mohammed Kutama, the father of one of the victims from Calabar Bikers display also says that he son got-out from the terrible Calabar Carnival accident.

“I was in my shop when I was informed about the incident that made me leave my shop, because my son was involved for the accident that takes place.”

The report was given by Musa Kutama, the father of 15 years old Abdulsalam Musa Kutama said.

Calabar Carnival accident took place on the 27 of December while 14 people die, while 24 others people was taken to hospital, police gives out the report.

What causes the accident while the driver was driving

But according to Musa Kutama, during the Calabar carnival, one mini car driver, drive enter inside crowds place.

“Maybe, it could be heart of celebration that makes the driver to play with the mini car from left to right, while as he got to where crowds plenty he started spray money for ground.

“So, it was unfortunately that the people that stood by rush to pick up the money before the ugly incident happen took place, even my son is among them.”

The Police reporter has said that the driver got drunk and that is the reason why he put it on a high speed “because he lost control and run into the crowd. that occur this”

Actually they rush out the victims to two close government hospitals – University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) and Navy Hospital .

15 years old Abdulsalam Musa Kutama, was among the 24 people that managed to survive and escape death with scratch on there body, face and was stitched them.

We was in Navy Hospital through last night, we had been treated and they give us some drugs and they was discharge us. They are healthy in their home.”

Truthfully, the Cross River state government has take care of all the hospital bill for the victims of the carnival accident, Kutama gives the statement.

“But the CSO of the hospital comes-out to announce that the victims wouldn’t pay anything because the Cross Rivers state has taken care of the hospital bill.”

Because of that government even cancel the Bikers parade for Calabar Carnival.

Christian Ita, the Chief press secretary to the governor, on his press statement that was released, the government said how they has torchlight but how mini car managed to pass through all the security barricades, that has access to route that was not open for the public.

The driver was in police custody since the attack

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