Chinese protesters

China was Protesting against goernvment strict Covid-19 measures that was increase, all the people was publicly angry at the Communist Party leaders. 

It was thousands of protesters that come out for Shanghai, how police was putting people inside their van.

Some Students also demonstrate for universities in Beijing and Nanjing.

Because the latest unstable followed one protest that remote north-west city of Urumqi, because thy are not happy about the lockdown new rules after ten (10) people die for one tower block fire occurs . 

But the Chinese authorities has denied that it was Covid-19 restrictions that cause the deaths, though their officials in Urumqi was issue one unusual apologies later on Friday, and plead to “thy will put everything order” that thy will phase out restrictions.

It was Saturday night that the protest started in Shanghai -the China biggest city and one global financial hub at the east of the country, all the protesters was shouting with slogan like “Xi Jinping, you most step down” and Communist party, most step down.

The reason why they want Xi Jinping, to step down

Thy held one blank yellow banners, while some light candles and throw flowers on the victims for Urumqi. 

Such demands no be unusual sight within China, it could be any direct criticism from the government and the president can order huge punishments to the person.

One protester for Shanghai tell di BBC say im feel “shocked and a bit excited” to see pipo out on di streets, dey call am di first time im go see dat kain large-scale dissent for China. 

Thy analysts has said that it seems like the government is drastically underestimate that people don’t like zero-Covid-19 approach, because their recent policy that linked to Xi Jinping pledge that he will not change it. 

He also said that the lockdowns is making them”sorrow, feeble , angry and hopeless.”

One female demonstrator was asking police officers how thy feel about the protests, and the officers answer know “we feel the same as you do “. But, she said , “you people said you are doing your job .”

Some talks about violence, one of the protester tell the Associated Press news agency has said that police beat one of his friends for the scene, and thy use spray pepper on two others. 

Many people gathered on Sunday, and thy throw flowers on Urumqi fire victims for the area of Shanghai Urumqi Road. 

Meanwhile, some police people gathered up this tributes as thy also attend the protest site en-masse.


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