1. Put a full stop to over-thinking before taking a final decision

Thinking I good but over-thinking can mislead you, when it comes to take a ration decision in a crucial situation then it is a spur of the moment to take a decision, don’t let over-thinking astray you. That’s exactly the time when you are supposed trust your gut. What your gut feeling says just go for it. An an entrepreneur through your deliberate decision you will leave a positive impression on others.

2. Select the most important issues primarily and delegate the rest

It is wise to keep tabs on all the issues and give concentration on each of them but the point is you need to pick primarily those issues who you should sort out at the very first place, then you will come to the remainder.

3. Ensure your thoughts and ideas by collaborating person-to-person

The chief perk of collaboration is that brilliant minds can come up with some brilliant ideas and this exchange of ideas will let you pick up the best one. So always use this approach of collaborating person-to-person especially in critical matters, through this direct input by a main constituent will be very fruitful.

4. Get yourself connected with right and concerned people

For the facilitation of grave thinking and rational decision making in tough situations you need to connect yourself to the right and concerned people. This adjoining of yours with concerned people at the right time will let you avoid taking a bad decision.

5. Plan a Plan after executing a decision

It is a sign of prudency to plan a PLAN after executing a decision. You must know your Next Moves, things are not done haphazardly, so pen down your next steps what you are going to do as this will facilitate you.

6. Convey your thoughts with relevant constituents

When you convey your thoughts based on your decision in a passive way let’s say through announcements are never sufficient and effective rather it tends to leave a bad impression even on a good decision, so the key is you must share your thoughts based on your decision with all the relevant constituents and part-takers. Throw light on all the chief themes before them.

7. Make your decision an accurate one through properly managing the execution

Sometimes the right decision and fine thoughts are weakened because of some unexpected incidents. So, what you need to do in this regard is to show your management skills and how possible you can monitor all the factors that are involved in the implementation of a decision. For this the key is to arrange some follow-up communication, these measures will envision the most important concerns and that is how you will be able to materialize your decision in a perfect way.

The relationship between Decision Making and Selection of Business Partnership. The greatest mistakes that most decision maker took gave them business down fall, however the business venture most setup a business guideline, and keep stick to the laws that will concrete the business.


1. He should have the vision and values

Choosing the right partner doesn’t mean your partner will be flawless, or you have to select a person as a business partner who should be perfect, well this isn’t possible, so what you need to do is to find a person who has the same standards and values like yours. If the values and visions of you two will be of great difference then things will be messed up. So, the same values have to be must so you may be able to interact brilliantly.

2. He should speak the language that you speak

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, we all are different thus we keep different aptitudes from one another. Language is the tool to know and understand each other. The difference of language will get you in a trouble because the expression is changed in another language. The concepts of goals and its true meaning should be understood by the two and this is only possible when your business partner will speak the same language as yours. By doing this you will soon now its efficacy because the difference of language will be brought differences in your further dealings, such as may be the goal whom you considered a vital one may be taken as something futile to him.

3. He should have the different set of talents

The benefit of having different talents is that he won’t come up with his expert opinion and will disrupt your ideas, so you will be helpful for one another because you both will be having diverse talents, where you will be lacking he will compensate and where he will be lacking you will compensate.

4. Adequate amounts of meeting are must

Never finalize your partner in a single meeting, in short span of time you can never know him or her well, so for a better understanding of his personality you should arrange meet-ups with him. The chief benefit of these meet-ups is that soon you will discover his personality traits and you will come to know whether he and you have the compatibility or not. In case there is a huge personality difference then it means you two can’t get along.

5. Financial instability of your partner isn’t a healthy sign

Financial instability isn’t a healthy sign, so don’t opt for him if you think he having some sort of problems. Its because he is already engaged in his problems so he won’t be able to concentrate at your venture with enthusiasm.


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