One terrible accident for Calabar Bikers Carnival , Cross Rivers state, south-south Nigeria has lost 14 that die and while 24 people was hospitalized, release by the police .

Irene Ugbo, the state police report person confirmed the accident.

“The driver lost control because it was in high speed and run into the crowd of people that watch the Biker’s Carnival,” said by the eyewitness.

Irene Ugbo the Police spokes-person says, “it was one drunk man that drive enter where crowds gather to attend the bikers parade that suppose happen December 27”.

“But the culprit was inside police custody after the incident ” add by Police Superintendent Irene Ugbo.

Bikers parade cancelled

The Governor of Cross River State , Prof Ben Ayade has said that Bikers parade will be cancelled.

On the governor statement by Chief Press Secretary Christian Ita release “immediately investigation to unravel how the motorist will pass security barricades to have access to the routes for where wasn’t open to the public.”

According to SP Ugbo which says that what they trying to do is just to put things back under control.

The videos and pictures has already go viral around the internet that show some of the victims.

The videos even show how the accident scatter people bodies – while some dead-body was the ground.

The Calabar Bikers carnival

The Calabar Bikers Carnival was one of the events that hold every year for the Southern states – it was one of the most popular events in December.

It was since 2004 that Calabar Carnival start during the former governor of the state, Donald Duke, and the current governor Ben Ayade was among the Bikers Carnival to energize more people to attend.

All the feature bikers leaders from all over the country including the former governors of the state was on-top the bike as they was among the stunts for an arranged road.

But during the period of the carnival, the organisers usually divert traffic out of the road.

The governor of Ben Ayade state release statement to cancel the Biker event sake of what happen.

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