One docudrama series Netflix shows that Queen Cleopatra (VII) as Black African Queen cause problem.

One Egypt lawyer that file complained of accuse the show episode, African Queen Cleopatra says that they violate media laws because they want to “clear the Egyptian identity”.

One genius archaeologist told Queen Cleopatra that she had ” light skin not black one”.

The show producer say ” her heritage is highly discussion” and the actress say, ” if you don’t like the casting show, please don’t watch it”.

On Adele James twitter as the screenshot many abusive comments that had racism join.

Cleopatra was born in 89 BC from Alexanderia City for Egyptian and she was the last Queen of the Greek speaking dynasty while Alexander is the great Macedonian Ptolemy start.

She follow his father Ptolemy XII for 51 BC and rule untill she die in 30 BC. But after her death, Egypt fall into Roman rule.

No body know who born Cleopatra and her historian say is feasible that her mother or any other female ancestor is the original of Egyptian or maybe from other part of Africa.

Other Netflix website, Tudum has said on February, the reason they cast Adele James that was British actress of mixed race as Cleopatra “pay respects to the century old say on the rule race”.

The executive producer Jade Pinkett Smith and narrator has Quoted say, “we don’t always see or heard stories about Black African Queen and it’s very crucial for I and my daughter , so that community can know their story”

But when trailer drop last week, numerous Egyptian don’t know how Cleopatra look.

Zahi Hawass, Egyptologist and the former ancient Minister told local report that, ” is real fake, Cleopatra is a Greek, which means she will have light skinned or black”.

Mr Zahi Hawass has said the only Egypt rules that they know is that the blacks is a Kushite Kings from the 25th Dynasty (747-656 BC).


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