Last week football expert Chris Sutton has predict right that Liverpool will lose to Arsenal.

But how was it feel that the Reds will perform magic against Manchester City on Sunday.

Chris Sutton has predict scores for every matches this season with different form.  

From this weekend fixtures, it was with against one musician that is name was Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds.

Broudie was long time Liverpool fan, he also prediction for Sunday game dey very different to Sutton.

This fixtures predictions now before we reach Sunday let us start with Friday and Saturday matches

Sutton Start predictions With

Brentford vs Brighton (8:00pm) Friday

After their good start for the season, Brentford form has drop badly. Last week Newcastle finished them.

It was very hard to know exactly what to expected from Brighton after Roberto the Zerbi was in charge, but they are dangerous team – and I feel like they can win this one.

Chris Sutton prediction1-2

Ian prediction: The Zerbi has done so far but I hadn’t seen this thing before where team form will just drop like that, is like the players has stop following the instruction of the new manager wants them to do.

For that reason I’ll go for Brentford. 2-1

Leicester vs Crystal Palace (12:30pm) Saturday

Leicester last home match against Nottingham Forest, they played well for the match, but they loss to Bournemouth last week.

I don’t think that things has change – the Foxes defence was still weak, Crystal Palace, and Wilfried Zaha, will capitalise on that.

Crystal Palace form too, was like before until they beat Leeds last time out.

Is like they will problem Leicester , but the Foxes too can hurt them. So based on that, I predict this game draw.

Chris Sutton prediction2-2

Ian prediction: Their Moral playing of that Leicester team. 1-3

Fulham vs Bournemout ( 3:00pm )

Fulham play well for the first half against West Ham but they end up with nothing to show for it.

I don’t like sending Bournemouth, because they always prove me wrong. I knows their fans love am too… so you knows where why I going with this.

The Cherries has done well under Gary O’Neil, but I feel like Fulham will energizer on this game, and they will prove me right.

Chris Sutton prediction: 2-1

Ian prediction: that this game will end with 1-1

Wolves vs Nottingham Forest (3:00pm)

Wolves has a lack of manager but they have some good players, that they don’t play anyhow near the levels we knows they can.

I seen them like team that they don’t have the potential to win, because they are at the number three for the bottom of their table.

That’s not really the case with Nottingham Forest, they are fortunate to has something out of their match with Aston Villa on Monday.

Nottingham Forest new signings has never perform magic for the team, maybe is starting to form gradually process.

Chris Sutton prediction: 2-0

Ian prediction: Wolves don’t like win with plenty goals but I they can win this one. 1-0

Tottenham vs Everton (5:30pm)

Everton bin no really shine against Manchester United last weekend, even afta dem take early lead.

Di Toffees defence don improve wella since di last time dem show for Spurs – dem lose 5-0 for March – but United show say you still fit get am.

I feel say Everton boss Frank Lampard game plan go dey different, but to stop Spurs no go dey easy. Harry Kane dey form and Son Heung-min still dey my fantasy team and im go come good soon.

So, Tottenham go find dia way. But how comfortable dis game go be for dem go depend on wen dem score dia first goal.

Chris Sutton prediction: 3-1

Ian prediction: Dis one go toff but I dey go wit Spurs. 3-1

Aston Villa v Chelsea (2:00pm) Sunday

Aston Villa fans don’t like Steven Gerrard right now.

But it was sake of the way they are playing and their results.

Meanwhile Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang like to score goals and Graham Potter is showing himself that he can adapt well.

Aston Villa will be under pressure to win for home, and I feel like the pressure will affect the players.

Chris Sutton prediction: 0-2

Ian prediction: Stevie G needs something, but it will be so hard. 0-1

Leeds vs Arsenal (2:00pm)

As I said earlier, Leeds has play well for the first 45 minutes against Crystal Palace but they couldn’t sustain it.

This game can also follow the same pattern, since Leeds able press early for the game, but they fall apart later.

However it was , I was expecting Arsenal to win because they are in good form.

Chris Sutton prediction: 1-3

Ian prediction: I can see plenty goals for this game. 3-4

Man Utd vs Newcastle (2:00pm)

I don’t think that Manchester United will win this game. The only question was, can Newcastle collect three points home, or just one?

Is not that I don’t know that Manchester United is progress under Erik ten Hag, because they are making progress.

But I loves as Newcastle was because they collect the game to their opposition, and the goals has started to flow – because they had score nine goals for their last two matches.

I don’t think that Magpies boss Eddie Howe will change his team game for Old Trafford, because that was not his style.

Chris Sutton prediction: 1-1

Ian prediction: that this match will end up with 1-2

Southampton v West Ham (2:00pm)

This was another hot one. I feel like, I will going for draw for a whole of this week games – Liverpool versus Manchester City is one of the few clear winning.

Chris Sutton prediction: 1-2

Ian prediction: Is going to end with 0-2

Liverpool v Man City (4:30pm )

Is very hard to beat Liverpool because they are still in form, but if Man City will Anfield and win this game is over to Jurgen Klopp’s to decide; because they have no single space to win.

Manchester City knows this , and they know that they can win them their. They save Erling Haaland midfielder so he will be ready – and I feel like Manchester City is in good form, they will do well their.

Liverpool can still create opportunities, because of the way Man City was set up, but if you looks this two teams, Man City can function well.

Chris Sutton prediction: 1-4

Ian prediction: It will be good if we can get something but because of where we his – I don’t think that we can challenge for the league.

But If this click, you will know that Liverpool is on their day is hot but if this was the final score then I am done with football! 9-0

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