Meanwhile Dr Femi Olaleye, the great medical practitioner was facing allegation of defilement and he has come out to denied the accusations.

This comes after the arraignment failed to hold because of his absence in the court.

Though Dr Femi Olaleye has said that the allegations that was raised against him was false and malicious and it seems look like set-up or blackmailing.

And doctor is facing two charges of alleged defilement and sexual assault by penetration that he defile his wife niece.

Because the statement, has said , “my name and organisation was news and social media sake of all di wrong reasons”.

Dr Femi Olaleye further says “ that he like that his underestimate the situation and think that is a domestic issue that my wife and those that is dis-encourage her to destroy our home”.

But now, that it was on social media and beyond and me, my work and my corporate or individual partnerships and friendships now was threatened by this baseless and false allegations, he saidd.

He also said that earlier mention that, the regrettable situation was there since on November 2021.

“I am well known as a man that tow in the path of peace and reconciliation sake of attempt to save the marriage that was troubled with one crisis or the other over the past 11 years now ” Dr. Femi Olaleye further added it.

“ Because now have decide to fight against the false and malicious allegations and of course, it seems like setup or blackmail”.

Dr Femi Olaleye also said that the matter now have receive the attention of relevant authorities and he will allow the people that know the outcome of investigations by the authorities.

“I think it will look prudent to just stay calm and focus on defending myself in court .

Dr Femi Olaleye he was absent in court with the arraingment

Because the arraignment of Dr Femi Olaleye before Justice Rahmon Oshodi of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court, Ikeja, Lagos State, on 21St November, 2022 he have patients that he was treating that is why he don’t appear for court.

Because the medical doctor was facing two count charge of alleged defilement and sexual assault by penetration, that said that he defile her wife niece.

Though the Lagos state department of public prosecution (DPP) carry the doctor to court that he has case to answer in the court, that he allegedly defile for about one year.

Because two Senior Advocate of Nigeria Baba Tunde Ogala (SAN) and Olusegun Fabunmi ((SAN), appears to represent the defendant in court.

And the two advocates was lead the counsel to Dr. Femi Olaleye.

Because the case come up in court on Monday, the counsel to the defendant Baba Tunde Ogala tell the court that his client was on bail and now they are out of town.

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