The Hollywood star Jamie Foxx was still hospitalized, one week after her daughter reveal that they has find out one “Medical complicated”.

The people magazine has confirmed that the Star films maker like collateral and Ray was in Georgia Hospital receiving treatment.

Last week, her daughter Corinne Foxx make a statement that his father is suffering for “one Medical complicated”.

Fortunatetly, sake of rapid action and a great care, although is about to recovery, she said. The Jamie Foxx family publish the statement on Instagram.

” We deeply know how people love him and we deed appreciate all your prayers, the family request for privacy during this period”, the statement person said.

The family hasn’t say what cause the sickness or the health care.

How the illness start for Jamie Foxx

The people even confirmed that the illness is not with Jamie Foxx when he was set, and he was rush to the hospital with an emergency vehicle.

“The test was running on him, although they are trying to figure out what exactly happen”, says by one source to CNN.

Jamie Foxx was in Atlanta trying to come up with new Netflix movie back in action, alongside Cameroon Diaz and Genny close.The star win Oscar best actor playing musician Ray Charles in 2005.

He was also nominated for the best star actor for the same year and the role for collateral.

The other films likes Baby Driver, Annie and the amazing Spider-Man 2. For 2017, Jamie Foxx make one statement that for US talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey help him has back his live track.

The actor been tell DJ Howard Stern that Winfrey being rebuke him “to and fro” that he we make it .

Oprah Winfrey , Jamie Foxx continue, he arrange one meeting with Sidney Poitier “to make me understand the significance” for being nominated for one Academy Awards.

Jamie Foxx, say that the meeting take place for Poitier’s birthday – 20 February, and it make him to realize his nomination that ” is bigger than everything that his think originally.

“Right from this moment, is the most important day in my live, because this opportunity we make him stand up” he said.


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