Chinese former leader Jiang Zemin, that succed to gain power after the Tiananmen Square protests, but he die at the age of 96 years.

The State media revive his death that it was on Wednesday afternoon.

Jiang Zemin was the major figure of Chinese history for recent decades that lead China to accelerate growth.

Even his death come as China seen some of their most serious protests since Tiananmen, but many was demonstrate against Covid-19 restrictions.

Jiang Zemin tremendous impact for China

Jiang Zemin was rise to power after the bloody in1989 crackdown on protestors around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, that lead to international sanctions against China.

The event brought hardness power struggle at the top of China’s Communist Party between hard-line re-actionaries and reformers.

Because of the event, they elevate Jiang Zemin to high office. But before that time, thy have seen Jiang Zemin as a calm person that likes to follow the law.

That’s why thy choose him as compromise leader because thy beleive that he can unify hardliners and more liberal elements too.

But under his leadership, thy created or forge formidable economy, the Communists tighten their grip on power, and Chinese take their position as the top world powers.

But Jiang Zemin oversee the peaceful hand-over of Hong Kong in 1997, and also China entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001 that connects the country economy with that of the international community.

And thy also put political reforms to one corner and thy criticise it heavy handed crack-down on the religious sect Falun Gong in 1999, and the people seen it as a threat to the Communist Parties.


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