Ghana is expecting $3 billions loan facility from IMF to resolve ongoing situation the country is facing.

How critics government says, due to the challenge on their economics, the presidency say no display of prudent use of resources which be necessary if the country economics bounce back.

In last year December 2022, IMF staffs and Ghanaian authorities reach out staff-level on the economic policies and reforms of ($3 billions) for three (3) years Extended Credit Facility (ECF).

But according to the IMF, their support to Ghana is target to restoring macroeconomics stability and debt sustainability while protecting the vulnerable, preserving the financial stability and make foundation for strong recovery.

The mission chief for Ghana, Stephanie Router has said that the monies for the bailout will hit Ghana as soon they has executive level agreement.

Ghanaian government visit IMF bailout since last year July 2022, after the living costs continuing raising in the country.

Mr President Akufo-Addo order the financial minister, Ken Ofori-atta to start now to prepare formal engagement including International Monetary Fund (IMF) to support government economics program.


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