The Ethiopian-American Nasa research engineer Berhanu Bulcha whose goal is to find whether water can be located on the moon, to help humans set-up permanent base.

He also said that, because without water, their is know life.

Because as far as you are an on Earth or elsewhere for the universe, water is very crucial.

Though they finally launch the Nasa Artemis one rocket recently that this was the beginning of ambitious space exploration programme which was design to take humans back to the moon and beyond.

While the issue of how to have water that was beyond the earth is Was very important. Because the lunar base that they are planning couldn’t be possible without water and Dr Berhanu who lead the teams to work on how they can find water for the planet only natural satellite.

They can able to carry water from Earth to the moon but it will be much expensive and highly inefficient.

Is very more importantly, which they can use lunar water to make rocket fuel, which can allow the moon to become platform for further space travel. Because with this, researcher don’t need big rockets to required to overcome our planet gravitational pull.

According to Dr Berhanu and his team was developing one prototype light-weight compact spectrometer that can identify where water reserves on the moon.

“This was a great million question,” he said this to Emmanuel channel through telephone from one of Nasa offices that was in US.

He graduate from the University of Virginia 12 years ago, Dr Berhanu focused on developing space instruments that can resolved the problems of Nasa – and to argue am, di search for water na di biggest problem of all.

They have already confirmed the presence of some water on the moon. But the issue with most methods of detection has made them to said , difference between water, that made up of oxygen and hydrogen, and hydroxyl, while another one comes from hydrogen that containing compound.

Because the team has develop what they call quantum cascade lasers to use it to reach frequency that is hard to achieve for the past, Nasa news service reports.

According to Dr Berhanu describe for the new technological development that will enable astronauts to use their hand that they use to hold machine to find both the location and the volume of water, something that they have not achieve before.

They also said that they can develop instrument that they can use to remote operated rover. It can also reduce the size and weight of any object that was designed to used on a lunar mission which can risky a space premium.

Though Dr Berhanu was base for Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center for Maryland, he recently receive ($2.5m) (£2.1m) to continue the work on the prototype. Because this can takes extra two years to finish but Dr Berhanu has said it was optimistic that he will finish the work.

Though no doubt about his determination and tenacity, and he seen it as defining characteristics for himself.

People was asking who was Dr Berhanu Bulcha?

Dr Berhanu Bulcha was 38 year old that grow up for Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, but moved to US high school to study physics and engineering for Virginia Common wealth University.

He manage to sponsor himself to school.

He said that “when I reach US, I have no body to support network, I am the only that support myself. I really isolated with the culture that I was grow up in and join this new culture. But the first thing that I think of was work and succeed for education,” he also said that it was reflect on his early years for his adopted country.

He said that he admit the risky step he take when he decide to leave Ethiopia but the opportunities to work with cutting-edge technologies and on exciting research projects that was hard to resist.

The inspiration look at the cosmos and wonder what is there.

Because some people, tightly followed of the scripture will make them to explore different ideas but Dr Berhanu, He lead to see beyond himself.

“The way God use to create the universe was always surprise me. I have passion to know more and the curiosity to know more about how the universe look like and how big it was ,” he said.

With that willingness to ask questions and search for answers will lead a young person to grow up for Addis Ababa to possibly help solve one of the key barriers to further space exploration.

He said, doubt can not said hard work plus finding the right mentors was the key to success.

But he said that “the first thing that your dream, your plan and work towards the dream… definitely challenges will come but don’t stop, just continue to working hard “. 


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