The Nigeria Labour Party says British Government hasn’t apologize to their presidential candidate Peter Obi.

The Nigeria (LP) Labour Party reveal after the News move viral that UK government has apologize to Peter Obi the LP presidential candidate.

This happen after harassment of Peter Obi by an Immigration officers for Heathrow airport last week.

“We no nothing about the apology, and we don’t makes any statement of what” Diran Onifade Head, Obi-Datti media says.

Mr Diran Onifade has said that they we continue looking or torchlight any dubious or political motives, for those people that has hands for this identity theft.

Mr Diran Onifade also said “we has full confidence in the ability of the British Government authority to resolve the issues, to conclusion”.

LP says that their presidential candidate Peter Obi has move on from the incident.

Mr Diran Onifade has said that currently now they focus totally on there case for the Election petition tribunal.

Even four political party is challenge the election victory of Nigeria president-elect Bola Tinubu for court.

How UK Immigration officers detain Peter Obi

Labour Party (LP) says how UK Immagration officers harass and detain Peter Obi there presidential candidate when he travelled to London.The incident take place for Heathrow airport, UK.

But according Peter Obi party it was there rapid reactions from Nigeria for the save Peter Obi.

How Peter Obi was saved from airport

Mr Diran Onifade says that they question Peter Obi for a long time, is very scary for one man that live over decade for that country.

“Since Peter Obi is looking up to international fame, mostly for Nigerians. Africans home and for Diaspora that likely to be obedients, rapidly raise voice and nonplus why it was delayed”, Diran Onifade say.

He says that the Immagration officers nonplussed base on how people reactions.

The reaction makes the Immagration officers tell those that present that they will start question politicians.


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