Covenant university as begin to investigation into allegations of rapes against some of their staff.

Because the allegations have gone viral on social media and it has generate reactions, many people later comes out to start sharing their experience.

The Convernant university alumnus committee has said that thy have received the complain for more than one week plus Now and thy have contact the school management.

“meanwhile the news comes out on Twitter on 21 November, 2022, we have heard it since last week and we immediately enter the matter, follow them discus and also help them to understand the issues and what thy really want to do,” but executive council of the association made it on statement.

What makes the news spreads out on social media

The reports started on social media after one Instagram user hala has said some staff of the university was allegedly assault female students sexually.

Because thy are watch several different staff members , from hall monitors to medical center to security officials, even the chaplaincy receive.

Many accuse show up as thy enter into situation soté, accusation lay on almost staff member that was in charge of student disciplinary involve for alleged sexual abuse.

The same report was handled by Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari HALA has said that sexual harassment is getting too much in the country.

How one grades got raped, the students for all over the world is complain about the rapes matter.

Even in March last year, one lecturer from Covenant University was arrested by the police after he rape one 17 year old girl in his office.

The reason why one staff was sack

This is how the report circulate online

The council reveal that the person that was involved in this case has been sack, according to the role that governors the school.

Thy also say that , “As we discuss with the University Management, we heard that one of the main people that was call out many times on social media accusations has face staff disciplinary committee a few weeks ago.

“now the management have terminate his employment “.

Although , the name of the affected staff didn’t mention.

But the Alumni promise to continue meet with the school for more information on this matter.

How thy contact Ogun state police command on this matter.

But Abimbola Oyeyemi says that thy never had any complaint either from the management of the Convernant University or any of the students.

Sexual harassment is a crime for Nigeria Universities

Although Nigeria has several laws for sexual harassment because most of them was a gender-based on the laws that the government create to protects women and men under youth or old.

  1. Any lecturer or teacher that involves in sexual intercourse with student or demand for sex from a student or any person that apply to become student of the school will face the law and serve 14 years imprisonment or not less than five years, with know fine.

2. Any lecturer or teacher that intimidate or offensive environment for the student as far as he was asking for sex from the student or his trying to make sexual advances towards the student will face the law for 14 years imprisonment or not less than five years, with know fine.

3. Any lecturer or teacher that force student to commits any sexual act of harassment, or he has hand for any sexual harassment act by any person that is going to face the law for 14 years imprisonment or not less than 5 years, with know fine.

4. Any lecturer or teacher that was that hug, grab, kiss, rub or stroke or pinch or touch the breasts or hair or lips or hips or buttocks or any other sensual part of student body, he will face the law and go prison for five years that he will spend in jail or it will not less two years.

5. Any lecturer or teacher that seen display, give or send by hand or courier or electronic or any other means naked or sexual explicit pictures or videos or sex related objects to any student will go to jail for five years or it not be less two years.

6. Any lecturer or teacher that wink or whistles at any student or screams or exclaims or joke or make sexual compliment or uncomplimentary speeches about any student body or that was stalk the student, will spend five years in jail or it will not be less than two years.

7. Any administrative that their combat or gree set up Independent Sexual Harassment Prohibition Committee to investigate Sexual Harassment Complaint issues, with the permission of the management body of the school will pay fine of N5,000,000 or go five years imprisonment, or the two.

8. Any administrative that their combat refer to Sexual Harassment Complaint issues, to the Independent Sexual Harassment Prohibition Committee for the institution for proper investigation, will pay minimum fine of N5,000,000 or imprisonment for at least two years, or the two.

9. Any lecturer or teacher that the institution receive report sexual harassment that victimize and the student complain of Sexual Harassment will take same punishment applicable to the teacher or lecturer that was originally complain against.

But after investigate any Sexual Harassment Complaint, and thy find out that the accuser lied, that student will be suspended from the school.

All Administrative head of institution must make sure that any student that was Harassment by Sexual Complaint will not protected from victimization from the educator will accuse and other teacher or lecturer or any person within the school and other schools.


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