This week China have record the highest number of daily Covid cases since the pandemic started, upon strong measures that was design to eliminate the virus.

Most of the major cities including the capital Beijing and southern trade hub Guangzhou was also experience outbreaks.

On wednesday 23rd it was witness 31,527 cases that was record compare with the April front of 28,000.

Because the numbers that the country has of 1.4 billion people and officially just over 5,200 people die since the pandemic started.

Because this one equated to three Covid 19 deaths for every million inside China, to compared with 3,000 per million of US and 2,400 per million for UK although direct comparisons between countries was so complicated.

Meanwhile China zero-Covid 19 policy really save lives, but it also affects the economy and ordinary people that lives.

Because the country was slightly relax backwards, it was restrictions for some few weeks ago.

Even China end quarantine to close contacts from seven days for one states facility to five days and three days at home, and thy even stop to record secondary contacts that makes many more people to avoid having to quarantine.

Even the Officials was also thinking of how thy can avoid enforcing lockdowns like kind of the largest city, Shanghai, that was endure early this year.

Because thy are facing new increases cases inside Beijing, plus the first deaths from the virus in months, officials has already implement some restrictions for several districts, with shops, schools and restaurants which was closedown.

Even the central city of Zhengzhou also want to enforce one effective lockdown for 6 million residents from Friday, that was officials announce.

This was cause after violent protests took place for one big industrial complex that owns by iPhone manufacturer Foxconn.

Now the company has apologise for one “technical error” on their payment systems.

The people was shareing different stories of how suffering and desperation online.

Even last week, one report has said that one child for Zhengzhou die because her treatment was delay, the medical care sake of Covid-19 restrictions.

This is some of the most important and serious responses to Covid-19 this year:

In September, most of the residents was locked down even Chengdu was trapped inside his apartments during one earthquake. In else where, thy rescue workers to do Covid-19 test before thy can help them.

Though China was the last major economy that was still pursue Covid-19 eradication process with mass testing and lockdown rules, and virus cases was well record for 31 provinces.

Some of their reason was that vaccination levels is lower than in others developed nations, and it was only half of people that their age is over 80 have primary vaccinations.

China have refuse to imports vaccines upon evidence that said home-made jobs hasn’t prove that it was effective.

Mr President Xi Jinping was complaining that thy need strict controls to protect country that large elderly population.

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