Twitter almost sack all of their staff’s in Ghana, the only office that just begin operates around a year in Africa now.

In one of the email that the company sent to their personal email of there staff, is that, after there access to work email was block, the company have decided to re-organise operations base on that they want to reduce costs.

Because the termination of employment notice show “the day of employment Will start on 4th December, 2022.” Because they moved against local labour laws.

Inside the letter also warn staff not to temper or try to “contact or deal with any clients, customers, banks, authority, suppliers or even other employees of the Company and they should inform the Company if anybody contact them”.

Elon Musk the CEO’s of the company, the new owner of Twitter, is taking off staff worldwide since he buy the company.

Because last year, Twitter has announce that, they will open one of their first company in Africa.

The office was built in Ghana, and people believe that it will bring more teaching support operations and an opportunity for more tech investments into the continent.

But with the current situation now, perhaps, the future is uncertain.

Because Elon Musk, the world richest man, he has completed his debt of $44bn (£38.1bn) to takeover Twitter, but according to United State media and one investor have firm it.

Because he tweet that “the bird is freed,” because he want likes to refer to the closing of the deal part.

It brings problem which makes Twitter to face the court to hold the billionaire to keep part to the deal, that he shouldn’t try to escape.

But Mr Elon Musk decided to post the development on his twitter page.

The number of people sack by Elon Musk has he take-over twitter

Elon Musk the CEO’s of Twitter

The Twitter (chief ) executive, Mr Agrawal, (chief) financial officer Ned Segal, and one of the famous top legal and policy executive, Vijaya Gadde, is not longer with the company, base on the US media reports.

How painful they escort Mr Agrawal and Mr Segal out of Twitter San Francisco headquarters after the deal close, from the Reuters news agency report.

The Twitter co-founder Biz Stone appropriate Mr Agrawal, Mr Segal and Ms Gadde for their efforts” and collective contribution” to the business.

Meanwhile, Bret Taylor – serve as Twitter chairman since last November – from the update LinkedIn profile show that is not longer posting again.

They agreed to suspend the social media platform shares from trading on Friday, show on New York Stock Exchange website.

Mr Elon Musk has said that he bought the social media platform to help humanity as they want “Civilization has Common Digital Town Square”.

Earlier Mr Elon Musk tweet himself on video when his entry Twitter headquarters at San Francisco with kitchen sink carry with the caption.

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