The plane crash and in Lake Victoria River

One fisherman that was one of the first responders at the site on Sunday plane crash, 19 people die for Tanzania Lake Victoria, it was terrible how he try to save the pilots hang on the cockpit and almost lose his life as he was m trying to rescue them.

But when they interview him in the hospital bed at the lakeside town of Bukoba, and Majaliwa Jackson said that he was angry as he seen the passenger plane approach from the wrong direction, before dive into lake river.

He rush to the scene with three fellow fishermen and help to open the back door as he smash it with one rowing oar that help to rescue passengers that was siddon towards the back of the plane.

But Mr Jackson said that he later move to the front and dive enter the water.

Because him and one of the pilot was communicate with each other as he make signs thru the cockpit window.

“He instructed me to break down the window screen. I come out from the water and ask airport security, that’s was arrive, if they have any tools that I can use to break the screen.

Mr Jackson said ” he give one axe, but one man that carry public announcement speaker stop me and break the screen. He said because they are already communication with the pilots and he has no leakage for the cockpit.”

He also say after they stop it ” he dive back and waved goodbye to the pilot.”

Mr Jackson said ” I pointed out the cockpit emergency door to me. I swim back and carry one rope and tie it to the door and we try to pull it with other boats, but the rope cut off and hit me on my face and knock me unconscious. Before I know my self, I was in the hospital.”

Tanzania hold funeral service for the victims

The Tanzania Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa was the one lead mourners to pay respects for the funeral service for the 19 people die after one passenger plane crash enter Lake Victoria for Tanzania.

Because the plane crash on Sunday morning near the shore for the end of the Bukoba airport runway.

But out of the 43 people that was on board, it was only 24 people survive, according to the operator Precision Air said.

The prayers mourners hold for Bukoba football stadium,

Precision Air port Tanzania was the largest privately-owned passenger airline. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said that they will carry out extensive investigation to establish the cause of the crash.

The plane move from the commercial capital Dar es Salaam on Sunday and made a scheduled stop on Mwanza before it crash around 08.50Am local time (05:50 GMT) as it was close to Bukoba airport.

The airport have been closed down until further notice.

Some of the pictures funeral service


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