All the Retailers for Britain was hope that customers will spend money to buy things on ‘Black Friday’.

Even though what makes cost-of things to be high so much and maybe the distraction cause by this ongoing FIFA World Cup.

Because Britons has spend over 8.7 billion pounds ($10.5 billion) over the Black Friday weekend that will start from 25th November to  28th November, 2022.

Because these prediction was according to the research that Global-Data for Voucher-Codes was rise of to 0.8% every year that cause a big drop for the sizes, once inflation was accounted for.

What makes Consumers refused to spend money

The reason why consumers refused to spend was because inflation increase.

Because inflation have reach the highest for over 41 years  with 11.1% for October, food was disposable incomes.

Because another funniest thing is that, thy have started buying Christmas things early to help their budget and finances.

We don’t think this year, consumers will use Black Friday, it becomes more of online event, that makes them to buy cheap Christmas gifts, instead of going to bigger one, it delayed purchases, that is what consultants McKinsey said.

Some of their research shown that one quarter of UK consumers has already been doing there Christmas shopping, while about one in ten was planning to buy things during Black Friday.

Because some consumers , can have others things that was very important to do as Wales and England will play match on Friday for the FIFA World Cup.

Because all the retailers for European fear that this Christmas trading season should it be the worst in at least one decade as buyers hasn’t show their faces.

Meanwhile the money that they are spending to do their business hasn’t show any sign that it will drop as they squeeze the margins of their profits.

No buyer for this Holiday period

Because many consumers was still preparing to buy things for Black Friday.

Though Idealo, the European price comparison portal, has said that 65% of online Italian buyers is ready to buy one product during the event.

But France, over 70% was still planning to buy their things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to research which was PwC France .

However, the Spanish don’t too have interest, because it was just 24% of buyers that was planning to take the advantage of Black Friday deals to start their ownChristmas shopping.

This was according to the Spanish Association of Mass Consumer Goods Companies.

The United States, their National Retail Federation (NRF) has predict that this holiday salling will come up small this year.

Though Amazon (AMZN.O) also predict the slowest revenue growth for any holiday period for many years.

The Britain Black Friday buyer and saler period was very important for Departmental stores groups.

Because some major retailers, including Spencer and Marks (MKS.L), has know time for event. Because more than 10 years since thy brought it to UK through Amazon, the worth of Black Friday to retailers still was still confused the people opinion.

The supporters has said that, all the promos that thy take time to plan to collaborate with global suppliers to allow retailers to boost sales and maintain gains margins.

Some people never still believe and thy are still dragging that the discounts will make Christmas sales to front with reduced profits and also reduce the willingness of consumers to pay full price again before festivities.

What affects Black Friday

Black Friday is the day that was set aside that all the buyers can buy some items cheaper prices that pass normal price.

Is a shops that retailers design to encourage people to buy things before Christmas.

Even some eco-campaigners has said that Black Friday was very bad for the environment, that he was encourage people to come and buy anythings that thy want.

In 2019 report from the Green Alliance charity find out tha ( 80%) of everything that people buy during the Black Friday period was bonanza , the black Friday doesn’t stay long after thy buy it.

One report also said about the bargains, everything is not seem the way it was always looks.

One of their Campaign group has said nearly nine out of ten (10) products that thy was sold on Black Friday and it was available for the same price and also cheaper earlier this year.

Because some online shopping and departmental stores has already start Black Friday promos too.


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