Hundreds were plunged into the river as the bridge pull out

At least 40 people die after one bridge collapse in India western state of Gujarat, officials says.

Because hundreds people fall inside the River Macchu in Morbi town. Local footage show how people was hang from the suspension bridge that was partially enter the river.

The reports person has said that as many as 400 people was ontop of the bridge at that time. But the authorities said the rescue efforts was on going.

This was happen because days after they reopen the bridge after repairs.

They build up to 230-metre-long (754 feet) colonial-era bridge during British rule of India in 19th Century.

Videos also shows scenes of problem people was passing through as they look near the river while attempt to rescue those that trap inside the water as night comes.

And another video show how people was climbing up net wire remains of the bridge, just to escape from the water.

The suspension bridge, that was locally call Julto Pool, was the popular tourist attraction for the area.

Emergency responders from neighbouring districts was at the scene to help with rescue efforts.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, He was in the home state of Gujarat on a three-day visit, said he was aware “deeply saddened by the tragedy”.

Mr Modi has announce compensation for those that was injured, as well as the next of kin of those people that die.


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