The new South Africa king Zulu

South Africa has new Zulu king that was crown for one historic event that thousands of people an attend for the coastal city of Durban.

But King Misuzulu ka Zwelithini has official recognition as King by President Cyril Ramaphosa, that offer him certificate of recognition.

What a great first ceremony of Zulu coronation since South Africa became democracy in 1994.

But these put end to the long and bitter battle to find who will succeed King Goodwill Zwelithini that die last year.

Indeed he was the longest-serving Zulu king, he served the throne for almost 50 years.

He has six wives and 26 children.

It was very painful for death of King Misuzulu’s mother – a month after being named Queen regent, following her husband’s death-further deepened a power struggle in the royal court.

It has being long the traditional dance has been observed

These Many firsts

The elebratory songs, chants and dance for the main stadium in South Africa city of Durban for the historic coronation or crowning of the great Zulu king. These event take place after the United States warn of risk of terror attack in the country. But Police Minister Bheki Cele has said that the threat will not affect the ceremony that will take place at Moses Mabhida Stadium where several local and foreign dignitaries was among tens of thousands of people that attend the event. The event was the first that ever happened in South Africa. King Zwelithini coronation was the first time that black president attend for Zulu coronation.

Because the last coronation was happend inside rain in 1971 under the apartheid government, when they crown King Goodwill Zwelithini ka Bhekuzulu. As it was by then, just as it his now, South Africa traditional leadership was under government control. But the white-minority authorities at that time was expect the young king to wear Western attire. And he wear suit for the event – leopard skin sash was the only thing all of them wear for Zulu culture.

Thousands of men that wear traditional dress attend the great event

Prince Bambindlovu Zulu tell Emmanuel that he believe his brother that he will unite the family and his people.

“So that Our parents will be proud of this moment,” he said . “I believe well that he will be a great king.”

And he first speech after his coronation, King Misuzulu has said that his preparing journey with the community and he believe well that he will be the person that will bring positive change.

“He said I understand too well that the history has choose me for this time when Zulu people face several challenges,” . “The challenges was poverty, unemployment, lack of trust from the government and traditional leadership, climate change and food insecurity.”

President Ramaphosa quote Shaka Zulu, Zulu people most influential 18th Century leader, says: “I’m, Emperor Shaka, let me said: ‘But on my right was the country, on my left side was my clansmen, that is was what bind us together’.

“Your majesty, you are the reason that bind Amazulu nation together.”

The Zulu women wear traditional dresses at Moses Mabhida Stadium

But his time, unlike the last coronation, Saturday event was happend under sunshine with full display of Zulu cultures, including old and young people wearing traditional regalia.

“It was joyous occasion, the beginning of new era,” Sihawukele Ngubane, was the professor of African languages in University of KwaZulu-Natal and an expert on Zulu culture, explain.

“The apartheid era government issued out certificate to the king back then. But this time we expect our king to wear his traditional cloth because we are now live in democracy and their no reason at all his majesty to wear British cloth.”

But one fifth of South Africa population was Zulu – the biggest ethnic country group -and the king collect more than $3.6m of taxpayer-funded budget every year.

It was the money that make south Africa people don’t too much send royal family – because the country has eight kings that officially recognised by government, and all of them fund.

Because many people question the expensive lifestyle of some of the traditional leaders, with luxury expensive cars and big properties.

But the state coronation comes two months after one traditional while the first one has already happend for King Misuzulu in KwaKhangelamankengane Palace for KwaZulu-Natal province – with festivals with thousands of people attend it.

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