All the lawyers body join, the Nigerian Barrister Association (NBA) has reacted to the killing of one of there member, Barrister Omobolanle Raheem.

But one Assistant Superintendent of Police allegedly fire and killed the female Lawyer on 25 December 2022 at Ajah area of Lagos state, South-west Nigeria.

The chairman of NBA Lagos state Branch Ikechukwu Uwanna, for the statement about the death of female Barrister Bolanle Raheem doesn’t make sense.

It was “Sadly, because we have confirmed the report and the death body of our colleague in Mortuary,” according to Ikechukwu Uwanna.

Even president of (NBA) Yakubu Maikyau, was also interested on this matter, and he assured that Justice most prevail.

Even the Lagos State Police Command also confirmed the death of Barrister Bolanle Raheem.

The police command spokesman SP Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed the incident that happened and the officer and two other person that was in the custody and also says that police has started investigation.

What will be the consequences?

One of the Barrister Yvonne said that Barrister Raheem was her boss because this matter happen under Ajah, under bridge as the female Lawyer was returning from Christmas service with her husband.

Because is seems like the officers from the Ajiwe Police Station, Ajah, Lagos State.

“The police officers comes from Ajiwe station. It was her husband that was driven, because Barrister. Omobolanle sit for the front with her husband,” Barrister Yvonne gives out the report.

“The officer order them to park and they want to clear the vehicle in front to move so they can park well, and immediately the police officer fired at close range right into her chest. When they confirm what take place, the remaining officers fleet away., according to the lawyer.

According to what she says after a while, some group of policemen come Carry the dead body to mortuary for Yaba without permission or consent from the deceased family members.

‘some crime against the female lawyer’

The National Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Barrister Association (NBA) Akorede Habeeb Lawal has confirmed the incident and also said this was another crime against lawyer.

Barrister Habeeb Lawal on his Twitter has that the NBA President Yakubu C Maikyau was in charge of the matter and he will bring out Justice.

The Police said sorry to the lawyer family

The SP Benjamin Hundeyin has said the Commissioner of Police Abiodun Alabi has reach out to the lawyer family and the Nigerian Barrister Association since on Sunday and he gives assurance that Justice most take place.

The Inspector of General of Police order ‘very rapidly investigation’

Although, the Inspector of General of Police, Alkali Baba Usman has cast-off the shooting and killing of the lawyer.

But according to the statement of force person, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi sign, says the (IGP) has order rapidly investigation and prosecution of the officers that was responsible for the “ugly incident and unprofessional act that gives bad name to the Nigeria Police Standard core values.”

Mr Alkali-Baba Usman said sorry to the lawyer family, friends and also colleagues of the victims and warned all the people to be extremely careful or more professional as they carry out there duties.

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