Before you started calculating your GPA, you most calm-down to list out the courses that you offer.

You most write down your score codes and also you most know your credit unit, so that you will avoid err while calculating.

The next thing is the Grade Point, which tells you the category or the process that you will follow to find what you want. What is you understand by Grape, grape shown the alphabet that show the level of your score, like A is 4.0 , AB is 3.75…….

Going further, it can be a total waste with you understand what I’m try to say, I’ll shown you table of it and also show you some of examples for your understanding.

GPA Calculation

S/NGrapes:Grade PointScore
1. A4.075-100
2. AB3.7570-74
3. B3.5060-64
4. BC3.2555-60
5. C2.7554-55
6. CD2.5050-54
7. D2.2544-50
8. E2.0040-44

Some people may still confuse because was there first to stand on their own to calculate GPA, I will make sure that I lead you through it to your own test.

Example: list of some courses

Electrical graphic, Sci 1, Gns, Technical Drawing (TD), Report Rewriting, Com. Hardware, now the six course that was listed above will clearly this GPA Calculation to our understanding.

After you multiple the Grapes and the Grade Point, you will then divide it with the unit code to have your final GPA.

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