Ethiopia face war that affect civillians

Hyenas feed on dead body in one village call Tigray, the towns suffer from air strikes, men and young women was force to join army – all this is what shutdown the war from Ethiopian historic city of Tigray.

But the region before was tourist attraction because of the rock churches, Muslim Shrines and ancient scripts for the Ge’ez language.

Now Tigray was in the center of war, between the Ethiopian and Eritrean armies and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) over a region they seen as the key power for the Ethiopian.

This was been under blockade for 17 months, no banking, telephone and internet and also no work including media .

In the last two years, the two sides has moved wins for the battle field as the

  • Because Ethiopian and Eritrean forces to capture the Tigray capital of Mekelle on November 2020
  • The Tigrayans have launch counter-offensive one year later for Amhara and as the regions carry the offensive will move near the capital for Addis Ababa
  • The Ethiopian and Eritrean forces to regain territory for Tigray include the key city of Shire, for the latest round of fighting can make them to move and take over Mekelle again.

The executive director from US-based World Peace Foundation, Alex de Waal said that ” they was at least 500,000 Eritrean and Ethiopian federal troops for combat plus 200,000 soldiers for the Tigrayan side will last for 50 days will non-stop fighting the Tigray fence for Shire may not hold because of lack of weapons and this will leave civilians open to rape and starvation”.

Even though Ethiopia government have promise aid to Shire and all the regions under it.

Shire was best example of the humanitarian crisis for Tigray, one aid worker said around 600,000 civillians have run to take refuge for the city and 120, 000 was sleeping on road and under trees and bushes.

But almost all the humanitarian workers run away from the city last week sake of attacks from Ethiopia forces.

But the aid worker refused to gives his name said, ” they four witnesses on September for one village call Shimblina, the report person, said that they pack 46 people kill was found, while others villagers was found dead bodies mixed with dead animals”.

“Hyenas really feed on some of the bodies, and their clothes gives clue about who they her. But the witnesses said that they don’t even has time to bury the death bodies they nad said the hyenas could have finished eating them by now”.

The aid worker mention what makes the violence worse because most of the victims comes from one small ethnic group that they call Kunama that hasn’t nothing with the fight.

“The both sides lose their soldiers, what they do now is to just enter the village, and they carry their anger face for the innocent people”.

Tigray too was accuse of rape killings and stealing when they enter the Amhara regions before they push back to Tigray.

But the region maybe worth of seven million people for the country of 100 million people.

The Human Warfare

UK-based Horn of Africa analyst Abdurahman Speak about the old school method that they had killed like 700.000 to 800,000 people.

The move with force to recruit people to be part of the soldiers, and they give them few weeks training before sending them to war.

Because the plan is that enemies used their weapon to kill the mass army that come, their weapon will got finished and then the other side can take over their trenches.

And they call it human wave attacks and the king of Abyssinia first use to take defeat the Italian invaders for 1890s.

US-based Horn of Africa analyst Faisal Roble however deny the use of human wave warfar, even although he didn’t deny the number of people that die.

What Eritrea own as their problems

Eritrea feel woeful for the problem that TPLF was their enemy truly.

The TPLF was on run coalition government when Abiy Ahmed take power in 2018.

But under TPLF, Ethiopia and Eritrea fight border war that worth kill 80,000 people. But one international court gives their rule based on territory of Eritrea own but hesitate TPLF to give the territory.

But Eritrea has their own land soon after the latest war start on November 2020 and people said President Isias Asmarta want to make sure that TPLF wouldn’t give the country issues by helping PM Abiy Ahmed.

About what they use to said stop the war, But Mr Abdurahman said”historically, by right the ruling classes for Abyssinia and now Ethiopia is using fight to have power, nothing like peaceful resolve. Because the powerful will become the king of kings until the next person comes”.

Professor De Waal said that the international community should act quick so that they can arrange ceasefire or they will be genocide and mass starvation.

“But Harvesting suppose the starting, but Eritrean armies has turn Tigray to wasteland”.


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