1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. Practice of Entrepreneurship
  3. Development of Entrepreneurship


According to (Dr. Joseph Obele) in to awaken the consciousness of Nigeria youth and entire world, towards entrepreneurship development index. Thus this needs for entrepreneurship development.

History of Entrepreneurship

it started far as the 17th century, First recorded trading all was in 17, 000 BC. Exchange of violence glars for food.

Before entrepreneurship come to board some countries are into farming, fishing, animal husbandry, wearing and scripture.The trench changed when European came to Nigeria, majority of the people abandoned their business to braced the business venture.

  • Entrepreneurship/ Activit: This process of setting up an enterprise by an entrepreneur with entrepreneurship spirit.
  1. Entrepreneurship: The moving spirit of entrepreneurs.
  2. Entrepreneur: The person who owns the enterprise.
  3. Enterprise: Legal business entity.

—- Entrepreneurship : The activity

—- Entrepreneurship: The spirit

—- Entrepreneur : The person

—- Enterprise : The company

What is an Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is the man at the center, According to Dr. Joseph Obele (in 2017).

Entrepreneurship Is the concepts of developing and managing a business venture in order to gain profit.

Man at the center is the

  1. Research zone ———— Enduser
  2. Training ————————-Practicing
  3. Research ————————Finding
  4. Buying —————————-Selling
  5. Problem ————————–Solution

The four (4) basic categories of entrepreneur

  1. Idea generation
  2. Growth
  3. Vision
  4. Innovation

a. Classical entrepreneur: They driven by profit

b. Social entrepreneur: profit is not the actual motive passion for selfless or swind services in the driving force, towards making the world a better place.

c. Corporate entrepreneurship : They practice this expertion within their engaged organization they are employed.

d. Government : They practice their expertion in government institution of an office.

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

  • Born——–traits

Made ——- Acquired skills

They like entrepreneurship

  1. Traits
  2. Characteristics
  3. Quantities
  4. Of successful


1. Risk taking

2. Desire of achievement

3. Optimistic

4. Persistent

5. Sense of effectiveness

6 Goal setter

  • Specifics
  • Attainable
  • measurable
  • Relevant
  • Trinity

7. Practise —- Reaction

8. Focus

9. Opportunities

10. Change agent (old way and Near way)

11. Problem solver

12. Desire for challenging task

13. Highly intensive memory

14. Society see them as abnormal people

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