Although some number of deaths that occurs was related to the Ice storm and involve road traffic accidents, even including one 50 car pile-up for Ohio which killed two motorists.

To Travel out is a problems across the country base of shortage of snow plough operators, the people blamed the low pay that they are still owning.

Because it was more than 5,500 US flights that was cancelled on Friday, according to the tracking site Flight-Aware, as flyers trying or battling to reach there homes for the Christmas.

Even yesterday (Friday) night more than one million customers has no electricity across the United States, according to the Power-Outage.

All the Utilities throughout the Tennessee Valley was use for implementing rolling blackouts to save power.

Mr Craig McBrierty, that was 34 years, which from Scotland, but that stayed for Denver now, has said”that colder is more than what I ever experience”.

Kansas, Wichita, has record there coldest wind chill that it was (-32F) in since 2000, Tennessee, Nashville, confirmed that there temperatures as drop below zero for first time in 26 years.

It was (12) Twelve people die for America ahead of the holiday weekend because it wasn’t linked to the Ice winter storm.

It was around 200-million Americans that feel the cold grip and more than 1.5 million people has know light and they also cancel thousands of flights on Friday.

The storm moved to more than 2,000 miles (3,200km) from Texas to Quebec.

It was one bomb cyclone, when the atmospheric pressure crash with it, that caused severe snow-storm conditions to the Great Lakes for the United State to Canada border.

From the Canada, Quebec and Ontario that faced the brunt of the Arctic blast, and that makes hundreds of thousands has no light.

Numerous areas of the countries from British Columbia to New-found land, that was under extreme cold and winter storm Warning’s.

Even the United State National Weather Service (NWS) says on Friday, that map “shown one of the greatest extents of winter weather warnings and advisories ever”

How Temperatures for some areas cause?

Because the temperatures for Montana, Elk Park, has drop to –50F (-45C), meanwhile the town Hell, Michigan, has frozen.

It was 1F (-17C) in the community that snow has cover on Friday night. Emily, one bartender for Smitty’s Hell Saloon, says that: “it was very cold here, but we are having hell of a time.”

Even the South Dakota, snowed-in Native Americans even burned clothes for warmth after running out of fuel, said by the tribal officials.

They heavy forecast snowfall for some areas like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Now Buffalo, New York, is expecting at least 35 in (89cm).

According to the National Weather service (NWS) has said that more than eight-million people was still under severe snow-storm warnings.

Even the Coastal flooding for New England, New Jersey and New York City

Although the Pacific Northwest, some residents that the icy-skating frozen streets for Seattle and Portland.

The usually milder southern states of Alabama, Florida, Louisianian and Georgia that experienced hard-freeze warnings.

The Icestorm causes Deaths and many others things

Even some number of deaths that occurs that related to Ice-storm and involve road traffic accidents, including 50 car pile-up at Ohio that killed two motorists people.

Travelling has becomes problems across the country because of shortage of snow plough operators, the people was blamed the low pay that they have.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says more thanan 100 daily cold temperature records can be same or it can even set new record for the next few days.

The Temperatures now has matched the record that last for decades.

The Colorado,Denver, has dropped to -24F on Thursday, its lowest point since 1990s.


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