The reason why Indian police arrested one man for allegedly violate the law and urinated on one passenger for one India Air-flight on November 2022.

The local report people for India by Shankar Mishra, the former executive for American banking giant Wells Fargo, mistakenly piss on one passenger, the elderly woman, their flight from New York to Delhi.

Because on this matter, the India Air-port has removed four flight crew members and one pilot from roster and begin investigation.

Mishra received sack from Wells Fargo because of the incident “deeply disturbing” on Friday.

Why Mishra got arrest ed

The Delhi police officials says earlier that they don’t know where Mishra move to after the incident although he was having contact with his family.

But according to local report people, because the Mishra switched off his mobile phone for beginning of this month nut use his credit card and buy something for Bangalore city and that makes his location expose.

He finally returned him back the country for the capital city, Delhi, for more investigation.

Air-port India has also face numerous criticism for how he manage to respond for the case, the airline has know official file complain after one month that the incident happen.

India aviation safety regulator for one press release, describe di airline behaviour as “unprofessional conduct.”

What happened for the flight?

Actually according to the report Mishra, got drunk inside the flight, he unzip his trouser come piss on the woman.

The news moves around the globe from one the Indian newspaper published, the woman laid down the complain she written to the chairman of the airline that was in charge.

Even inside the complain, she says that: “After she got change, I stood close to the toilet for about 20 minutes. I request my seat to be changed but I was told that seat is not available.

“Is about two hours later, he was given steward seat, the place I sat for the remainder of the flight — to around 5 hours.”

The woman says that is like he takes tonic but now that his Mishra eye clear, he finally apologise and sake forgiveness and been cried.

But he allegedly plead her to forget the matter.

But, Mishra communication through his lawyer that he has already settle the issue with the woman, he pay her compensation.


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