Popular American rapper, Kanye West have announce to be the US contested presidential candidate for 2024.

How kanye West have legally change his name to Ye, to reveal his plan, upon the things he did for his recent behaviour.

He posted one video with his campaign logo for social media, alongside with the caption ‘Ye 24′.

Kanye West American rapper was 45 year old and also claim that he has take permission from the former US President, Donald Trump to be his running mate.

US President Trump and Kanye West in 2016

Though Kanye West have once run for US presidency in 2020, but his campaign produces every small voter of 70,000.

He claim on one video as was entering social media after he visit Trump Mar-A-Lago golf club earlier this week. The rapper did this visit together with Nick Fuentes, who is a prominent white nationalist.

Kanye said his request for running mate made Donald Trump, who recently launched his own re-election campaign,very worried.

In the video titled Mar-A-Lago Debrief, Kanye West claimed that:

“Trump started to shout for him when they where on table, he told me that; I will lose. have you ever heared that this type of thing has ever worked for anyone in history?”

American rapper, Kanye West during his meeting with US President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House inside Washington, DC, on October 11, 2018

the launch of Kanye West campaign is coming as the rapper is facing some number of damaging controversies.

The rapper had made many people to criticise him after he wore a T-shirt wit’s the inscription : “White Lives Matter” to attend Paris Fashion Week.

That slogan on the T-shirt is one phrase That white supremacists adopt and they began to use it as of 2015 as response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kanye West then claimed that its some secret cabal of Jewish people that paid those people who are criticising him.

As Kanye continued to make anti-Semitic comments online and on television interviews, his talent agency now droped it.

Later, fashion companies including Gap, Adidas and Balenciaga now announce that they will not continue to work wit him again.

Kanye later revealed that he had lost “2 billion dollars in one day”.

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone magazine report claimed that Kanye West had used “porn, bullying and mind games” to create “toxic environment” among Adidas employees who were working on his Yeezy brand shoes.

This company said on Thursday that they have  launched one independent investigation into this claims.

When Kanye West ran for president in 2020, he announced his campaign too late to appear on the ballot for at least six states.

He did only one rally, where he broke down in tears as he was discussing abortion, and he funded two television adverts. but In the end, they only listed Kanye as candidate in 12 states.

In his 2024 bid, the rapper suggested that he has listed alt-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos as his campaign manager.

As former editor the right wing publication Breitbart, mainstream conservatives ignoredvYiannopoulos after one video of him came out in 2017.

In the video, it seems like he was keeping quiet for paedophilia behaviour – that is adult that sexually abuse little children .

Yiannopoulos later said the comments was “gallows humour” – that its not joking on matters that is very serious.

But He Now spoke out his “disgust” concerning the sexual abuse of little childre too .

Most recently, Yiannopolous worked as intern for Republican congress woman Marjorie Taylor Greene.


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