Those brothers and their names Dharmik, Chetan, and Chirag

This happen on Sunday evening, Chirag Mucchadiya that was 20years  and his brothers, Dharmik was 17years, and Chetan was 15year they went on outing.

They informed their mother Kantaben that they are going to “julto pul”, or hanging bridge – one historic colonial era suspension footbridge, that was just reopen few days earlier, after a few months that it was repair.

And was it the week of Diwali festivities. Because their schools was in holiday, and many families thought the same idea as Chirag and his brothers.

And they purchase ticket -17 rupees ($0.21) for adults while children was 12, and they moves over 230-metre (755ft) bridge.

Their families

One of his friends rushed to informed their mother, Kantaben that the bridge got collapse.

” She said, I started calling my sons line, but is not going through”. “I was restless, I was moving to and fro in my house.”

But her husband Rajesh rush to the place . I started moving from one hospital to another. But it was around  23:00, I seen the dead bodies of Chirag and Dharmik at the Morbi Civil Hospital.

And everything was darkness at that night, but the police local officials, disaster response teams and military personnel started their search for survivors, and the bodies of people that die.

AND around  3:00, they found Chetan dead-body too. At Mucchadiya home, and plenty mourners begin to visit there.

“And Kantaben said, we have lose all our sons. our everything”. “What do we have now, My husband and I was all alone now.”

My son Chirag, was 20years old that work in factory where they produce eyeglasses. He receive the same salary with his father Rajesh that earn as a driver that he use to sustain his family.

“Rajesh said, because Chirag was a very nice person. He listen to everything we tell am. And I also tried my best to gives him anything he demand of.”

Dharmik should have turn 18 years on 14 December. And he was looking for work.

“He father said, was very hurtful. Because we was have enough fun times together. But now all them have gone.

“His mother said, he love to tel paratha (fried flatbread) and he loves me to always make it for him everytime.

But Chetan was the youngest and he was in 10th grade in their school. Rajesh describe how he was “master for studies”.

They sad and also proudly display passport size photos of their sons, that is the photos of their sons when they was younger.

“Kantaben said, they should punish all those that has hand for the death of my son deaths.” “let them rot in jail for the rest of their lives. In fact they should sentence them to death.”

Rajesh also added: “We want answers. And we want justice.”

Many families have loss more than one member for the collapse.

Now they have arrest Nine people so far, including the ticket sellers, security guards and managers of Oreva, that was the company that renovate the bridge.

Untill now Oreva hadn’t respond to the questions about the collapse. Some dey ask if  if top-level managers for di company go also dey investigated.

Because many was also asking questions about the role of civic officials – if they did safety checks before they reopen the bridge.

“Nitin said, anytime I close my eyes I seen the visual of the collapsed bridge, and I’ll be hearing the voices of the people falling inside the river.”

“I tear the ticket stub because I was very angry. And I’m not the only one – because whole town was grief in anger.”

Rajesh, was calling for “proper investigation”.

“Rajesh said otherwise;” “people will continue to die like the way my children dead .”

The bridge really bend
People climb up collapsed Gujarat bridge to escape river

Numerous people have died after a bridge collapsed in India’s western state of Gujarat. A video posted on social media shows people climbing up netted wire remains of the bridge to just move out of the water. Because reports that comes, said as many as 400 people were on the structure at the time. Rescue efforts are ongoing. The incident comes just days after the bridge was reopened following repairs. More on this story will be updated soon.

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