three children got burnt

Three children from the same family burned to ashes and the others three was critical condition in hospital with severe burns after fire outbreak in their house on Monday 26 September 2022 at Rumuchakara, Obio Akpor local government area of Rivers State, Southern Nigeria.

The father of the children, Solomon Ewekwe tell Emmanuel that he didn’t know what cause the fire and this incident start around 10pm at night in their two bedroom flat house that they live with their children.

“As we are sleep, I heard my wife shouted fire! Fire! Fire! We rush to rescue the children but no way because fire is everywhere but we succeed to rescue three of them and we lose the other three of them into the fire incident.

I don’t actually know what cause the fire because I slept around 8 o’clock but this fire may started around 9 or 10pm. Because I don’t know when actually the fire start.

I’m having pains. I feel like killing myself now and join them, it was my neighbour that help me. Because, I wanted to enter the fire or express so that motor can hit me but my neighbours hold me.” He says.

Solomon Ewekwe also says that, one of the child that die inside the first, it was her niece child that came to spend holidays with us.

“The three of the children they are critical condition in hospital now. One of the child that die, she was my sister child that came to spend holidays with us and she decided to stay with his uncle in Port Harcourt, that she will not going back to the village to start school and we register her in school on Monday before in the evening, Fire incident.

“I’m praying to God now to have mercy and help them.”

Solomon says that the incident had affect his wife badly and she got small burns and she was admit but the hospital just release her and she was with her younger brother house.

The spokesperson says that the fire start from the children room

The Children has a homework

One of our neighbour that witness the fire, Adaeze Chima says that, maybe this fire start from the light that the children are using for their homework because their is no NEPA. I suggest it could be the candle but is unfortunate that his father says that he done know out come of the fire.

She also said that is because of hotness of the fire burning that makes those children to shout or screamed and calling their mother, before the neighbors wake-up because she alert everyone and we rush out and try to stop the fire.

“It was around 9:00pm we heard a voice screaming from their flat. Everybody rush out to see but it fire burning their flat. We can’t even enter the fire because of of smoke and the hotness of fire.

their mother informed us that the last born is inside the house, so we break the windows and rescued the last born.

It was five children that is sleep inside the room and on top of the foam -his second son had slept inside the room on top of the foam – the second son Destiny, the third son Desmond and Chidera, the man younger sister daughter, is among those children that die in the fire.

But we rescue Delight the first son, and Chile who actually screaming for their mother to help them.”

She explain that the children mother traveled and returned late that night around 8:00pm and after sometime, she want to go bed but the children told her that they had an assignment given in school but their is no light they will use do the assignment.

“Maybe the candle fall from the frame of the bed and started burning because their books was in the parlour. She said,” She said.

Another neighbour from another compound, Iheanacho Ikechukwu Stephen when they saw the fire that all of them rushed out to fight the fire and one took axe that help break one side of the window and and burglary proof inside the room that makes the children they are succeed to rescue the three children that was being rescue.

Lives story about family house that fire incident in Runuchakara

“We broke the window to get access to the room. From the window, we saw the last born shouting, so one of us brought an axe that we used to brokedown the window and rescued bring the child.

With the help of one of us, Moses, that tried and break the buglary proof that make us have an access to the room but the other children was late before we reached their, three of them had already die as the fire burn them but we tried rescue two of the children, one boy and girl but they got burnt and we reached them to the hospital now.” that is how it happened.

The three children that is receiving treatment in hospital was only two, one is an eleven and thirteen years old while those ones that didn’t survived in the fire was six, four and two years old.

The father of the children says that he gives a report of the incident to the.


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