When he was eight years old, Nigerian Tanitoluwa “Tani” Adewumi win the New York State Chess Championships when he was leaving for homeless shelter.

He also rise to national stardom with that performance as he defeated 73 of the best chess players for his age group and also win division.

He success in 2019 come less than two years after his arrival for United States. Even him family leave their home for Nigeria and run away from Islamist militant group Boko Haram. 

“If not by mercy of God that we escape,” said by Tani head of the family Kayode Adewumi.

The family even announce this week that United States government has grant them asylum after five years journey that started with terrifying fashion.

Even during their last days for Nigeria, group of Boko Haram was search for Mr Kayode Adewumi.

What really make Boko Haram after him because he was the owner of one printing business, and one day some group of men ask him to print informational pamphlets. But when he discover that they are Boko Haram members, he reprobate the work.

After that day members of the group enter his house later meanwhile is not at his business place and they question his wife and two sons. That makes me seriously worried,” he said.

He quickly plans his family escape and in June 2017 they moves to New York City. They moved into one homeless shelter and two of his sons start school.

Tani who was 12 years old now find himself as a chess lover.

“I think this game was very fascinating and creative. I really like the strategy and the creativity.”

Although the family still remain for the homeless shelter as they continue supporting their son ambition to become grandmaster for sport. Mr Kayode Adewumi was wash plates for money and his wife Oluwatoyin Adewumi find cleaning job.

At that time, Tani the 12 year-old kid also win the famous victory for the New York State Championships and receive national attention.

Even one fund-raising website for the family raise more than $200,000 (£164,000) and also one anonymous donor pay one full year rent on a two-bedroom apartment for them.

In 2021, Tani compete for chess tournament for Connecticut and win every games and becomes one of the youngest national grand-masters for the history of the United States Chess Federation.

Now the family lives for one apartment for east Manhattan now, and he has said that their asylum status come as great relief. “We are so so excited. We really gives all glory to God for [restraint] come successfully,” Mr Kayode Adewumi said.

Now his have started new job as a licensed real estate agent and Tani is having win growing number of chess accolades.

But the 12 year old boy is not satisfied.

“I really want to be grandmaster,” Tani said. “Or perhaps, more than that – a world champion.”


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