Netflix has begin limit on password sharing for four countries which is New Zealand, Canada, Spain and Portugal.

Customers from those countries is request for them to add more money if they want friends and family that is not partaker can able to share their subscription.

Because the move will come after crackdown on password sharing for South America and it will begin from United kingdom and end March.

Moreover; Netflix calculating over 100 million users around the world use shared account.

The company has said that shared account has affected them not to have money to creates another content. Therefore; they are planning to extend new methods for other countries on coming months.

On their blogpost on Wednesday, they say, “throughout last year, we are looking for another alternative methods to handle this matter for Latin America and we are fully ready to release it next month, but today is was Canada, Spain, New Zealand and Portugal turn”.

Present now, is not easy for subscriber to share login password gives pal’s outside their home.

In 2017, Netflix stamp practice that they tweet say “love is a sharing password”.

Although the growing competition for steaming market, and however, customers is subdue subscription based on raising of living, Netflix will focus on increasing their money.

The company say that to allow account users connect numerous of their households, has create confusion of how people share it to many people.

Because of that, users from Canada, Spain, New Zealand and Portugal, will have questions to set up of how many can be connect their account.

Members can watch Netflix when they are travel with both their personal device or logging for other places, e.g. Hotel.

According to the Netflix chief operating officer Gregory Peter has said to investor last month, the change will not be “universally popular” and warn that it most be some cancellations.

He say that the company will achieve their losses.

Half of last year 2022, Netflix has lost plenty subscribers, they remove 100 of jobs and also increase their prices just to cover up.

But the company makes higher than they are expected rise in user numbers for the last 3 months in 2022 of 7.99million that gives the total paid subscribers for world wide to almost 231 millions.

Last year November, they start cheaper ad supported option about 12 countries including UK, US and Europe.


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