One great Nigerian celebrity designer Toyin Lawani has said that Bolanle Raheem, the female lawyer that one police officer allegedly shoot and kill for Ajah, Lagos Nigeria was pregnant.

In one video that she post for her Instagram handle, Toyin Lawani says that she was an ambassador of Crofton Homes Consulting, one real estate firm that the late Bolanle was in charge – says that the woman chat her up just last week to renew her ambassadorship for new brand.

Toyin Lawani also reveal that Bolanle was pregnant after she waited for eight years.

She has also said that Bolanle was peaceful woman that don’t like problem.

“She was very peaceful, her husband was a nice good man, they has no problem with anyone.

I was surprised when I heard in the morning that she was shoot at Ajah, they just went to buy pizza for her daughter, she was shoot in front of her daughter.

Because the police they would park, as they want to clear the the car well the policeman shoot her on are chest, she die instantly on the spot and she was pregnant.” She said.

What actually happened to Bolanle Raheem?

Barrister Yvonne claim that Barrister Raheem was her boss and the incident happen under Ajah bridge as the woman was returning from Christmas service with her husband.

They don’t know where the officers come from, but is like Ajiwe Police Station, Ajah, Lagos State

She has said that Barrister Raheem family called him to narrate what happen to her and tell her that they don’t need lawyer for this matter.

“It was confirmed that the police officer from Ajiwe station. Her husband was the one that drive, Barrister. Omobolanle that sit for front with her husband,” Barrister Yvonne said.

“When the officer asked them to park and they moved the vehicle to the front to park it well, and immediately the police officer fired at close range right into her chest.

The lawyer has said that, after they seen what happen, all the remaining police officers that was on duty run away.”

And she says after a while, some policemen come take the dead body to mortuary for Yaba without the consent from the deceased family members.

Lagos state Governor Sanwo-Olu said sorry to Bolanle family

The Lagos State Govnor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said sorry to the family of female Barrister Bolanle Raheem and assure them that Justice most prevail on this matter.

The Governor statement on-top of his Facebook page which says that the state will not support the police with there investigation of the cause of shooting lead to the barrister to death.

“Because I study preliminary report on this matter and I had instructed the appropriate government officers to immediately get to the root.

We need to ensure that justice was bring to book for late Bolanle Raheem. Because our government can’t sit back and watch our citizens killed by some law enforcers that which suppose protect them,” Governor Sanwo-Olu said.

The governor also appeal to the family to remain calm and they wouldn’t take laws into their hands on this matter.

What you will know about Bolanle Raheem?

Bolanle Raheem is a lawyer, the chief executive officer and lead consultant of Croston Homes Consulting that was in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

She was also member of the Lagos branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and she has only one child.

Bolanle Raheem graduate for Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Even the entrepreneur gives award-winning realtor which coach different people on her line of business.


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