The Labour has officialy started their own presidential campaign ahead of the 2023 Nigeria general elections that will take place.

The rally take place on Saturday 29 October, In Lafia, Nasarawa state capital for North-Central part of the country.

The Presidential candidate of the party Peter Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed; plus the other members of the party 1,234 campaign council members that attendance have plenty supporters attend.

Recall that Peter Obi has earlier postpone the flag off to visit some part of the country were flood take place, and scatter and render people homeless. And he also ask other presidential candidates to pause their campaign for the sake of flooding and pay respect to the victims.

The Director General of the campaign council, Doyin Okupe has said that the campaign train will be massive across all the six geopolitical zones of the country.

‘We can’t use 30 years to solve flood problem’.

Peter Obi, promise 61 to solve Nigeria flood challenge and ensure that the country is sufficiency with food production if they elected him for 2023.

Obi said that government will move Nigeria from consumption to production and job creation.

Obi also promise to fix Nigeria power problems, amongst others.

He become wonder why Super Eagles can’t qualify for Qatar 2022 World Cup that was start next month.

“I assure you now that if we come into power, we will solve this floods problem.” Peter Obi said after he obeserve one minute silence in honour of the people that die for that flooding cause problems to country.

“We can’t just do it overnight but we will begin solving them small small. Because it will not take 30years. But the federal government said it will take take 30 years for us to solve them.

” I will assure you all , The government of Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed go change Nigeria for good.”

‘I know well that Nigeria can feed their self well ‘

The Labour party candidate also promise that he will support farmers and youths of these country.

He also said that Nigeria can feed their sef if they good dimension.

“Definitely if we succeed to enter government, I assure you all, farmers will return back to farms because we going to deal with insecurity, our support is for the youths; because the more youths move out from poverty, the more will be reduction of criminality.

“We will much that we support youths because today Nigerian youths don’t have a home. When we come into government, the youths will have homes because we will solve their problems.”

“He said in Nigeria today, people used all their money for feeding. Even though many people can’t even feed themselves. We will make sure that we begin with the journey of Nigeria being sufficient for food production. If Israel can feed their self, Nigeria can feed their self too.”

”We will make sure that the government that we are forming, is going to be the government of youths and women. It will no longer going to be government of old people.

”Peter Obi said, because Governance was not retirement home’. Rather was old people home. I’ll form government that will energetic’, okay let’s us glanced two of us , we are ready for the tax , we knows what your problem his.”

He comes out and tell his supporters to ensure that they continue supporting him and make them also campaign for him.

”Support us. Start to campaign for us. For your future is much important, don’t listen to those people with the money they share. Is your money that they stole’’

“Peter Obi said stay connected with us for the future ’’ while supporters chorus his name.

The Nigeria presidential and National assemly elections WIl hold on 25 February , 2023 while govnorship and state assemblies election will take place across all over the country on 11 March, 2023.

It was 18 presidential candidates that Peter Obi was contesting for highest political seat for the country.

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