Nigeria president has said that the US and UK advice his people not to be panic.

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that terror alert by the foreign countries didn’t means that attack will occur.

But the Nigeria leader reaction comes as some countries was first has issue terror alert the threat of terror that attack Abuja.

President Muhammadu Buhari make statement that Garba Shehu release on Friday that he has charge security operatives to be alert since after the attack on Kuje prison.

“But isn’t only Nigeria that their names was inside the list of terror threats by foreign government travel advice to the citizens. UK and US travel advisories also said that the terror attacks which can occur for many Western European nations.

The statement person said “However, it don’t mean that attack will take place for Abuja.”

One shopping in Jabi district of the federal capital territory was close-down shop sake of security reasons. 

But the closure of Jabi Lake Mall come days after US warning about terror alert for Abuja.

The management of the mall gives a statement release on their official later announce that they have re-open after “re-assurances from the Federal government, heads of security agencies and FCT Minister.”

Initially the company said that they have monitor the security situation.

And on Friday the management also said that they are still monitoring the security situation, “that the center management will implement security measures to ensure everybody safety and maintain the highest vigilance.”

How DSS was denied to joint operation with US forces

Nigeria security agencies deny tori say dem carry out joint operation wit foreign forces for Abuja, di Federal Capital Territory.

Di Department of State Services (DSS) tell BBC Pidgin say dem no carry out any joint operation wit US forces.

Di clarification from DSS come as tori come out say security for Nigeria collabo wit US navy seal to raid one Trademore Estate, Abuja.

Di tori wey local media cari tok say di raid bin happun on Monday for di estate wia joint security forces arrest some suspects wit improvised explosive devices.

Dem say di ‘sting operation’ na to bust planned attack by a group of pipo wey di security arrest.

Eyewitnesses say na on Monday night di operation happun and security lock evribody inside di estate while di operation dey go on.

Di tori come at a time wen di United States and di United Kingdom Embassies issue terror alert for dia citizens.

Di alert don cause panic for many residents of di federal capital.

Peter Afunaya, tok-tok pesin to give clarity weda dem carry out operation or not.

“No such ops in Abuja between DSS and any oda kontri military”, e tok.

How Peter Obi and Ahmed Baba Datti avoid Abuja

One of the main opposition parties that want to contest the 2023 election, Labour Party inaugurate their presidential campaign council today.

The presidential candidate, Peter Obi and his vice, Ahmed Baba Datti don’t attend the event that hold at Abuja.

The Director-General of the Council Mr Doyin Okupe tell party members that their candidate and his vice don’t come sake of security advise they received.

“I want to inform you all that the presidential candidate and his vice presidential candidate wasn’t here based on the advice by our security team,” Okupe make the statement.

Safety guideline tips

But after the attack on Kuje prison at Abuja on August, the security threat come again to said that terrorist plan to attack schools for FCT.

So everyone should be an on alert, the Inspector-General of Police Usman Alkali Baba order security to protect all schools, hospitals, health workers and critical national infrastructures around around the country.

The 14 safety tips that police want make you know.

  • Don’t use car stickers at your working place, especially if it was important job.
  •  Don’t post pictures of your child with their school uniforms or badges, protect your children.
  • Is not person that try empty ATM machine with large withdrawal. Because you don’t need 50k in your wallet that will makes you feel like man.
  • Always delete bank transaction notification especially SMS… because I believe well that you can memorize your bank balance. Tear your POS/ATM receipt way.
  • Don’t jog when place was dark, you suppose have sense pass that. If you go with the person that you trust to follow you.
  • Always lock your doors, even you just want to turn off your generator.
  • Never allow people to know where you work or seen your ID outside your work place.
  • Always be accountable with your parent or your spouse, make person know where you are going to every thing.
  • Stop sending your children errands outside the house, but you can send them in your house, because they sort targets.
  • Please, anytime you are given some one something, give modestly and in private, “always said that you don’t have that kind of money now”.
  • Stop stay too long in your office after closing time, you can do deadline work later or in your house.
  • Make safety of the number one thing you thought of, for your decisions making.
  • Mind what you post on social media about yourself.
  • Don’t show yourself as a big boy in your area with plenty donation for estate meeting, please try modest.


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