Student wear homemade go
egg boxes during one college exam for Philippines

These are the pictures that show students that wear “anti-cheating caps” during their college exams will be viral for the Philippines.

These method of writing exams make many people to laugh.

Students for one college for Legazpi City wear some kind of cap and different things cover their, so that they can’t spy their classmate work.

Numerous of the students come the exam hall with plenty different caps that they made from their house with cardboard, egg boxes and other things.

Their teacher said that she was find fun that will make sure that “integrity and honesty” is in her classes.

Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz was professor in mechanical engineering for Bicol University of Engineering that said the idea is working well.

These was observed for the recent mid-term exams that is worth hundreds of students that sit for the college for the third week of October.

Integrity was needed for the exams

Professor Madane-Ortiz said that she informed her students to make use “simple” design out of paper.

She got inspiration for one technique from the pattern use for Thailand some years ago.

In 2013, one picture was viral for university students in Bangkok when they are written test with “ear flaps” that contain sheets of paper that they gum for the both sides of their face so that they can’t spy.

Prof Mandane-Ortiz that her engineers-in-training carry the idea and make their own, but some of them make good face covering “in just five minutes” with any thing they find.

Other people wear hats, helmets or Halloween masks to use made their own.

Some Student wear homemade goggles during one college exams in Philippines

Professor Mandane-Ortiz posts some of the face masks of non-cheating will viral sotay Filipino media.

The posts has also inspire other schools and universities in other parts of the country to try on their students.

Prof Mandane-Ortiz said her students really perform better this year sake of the exams conditions was harder for the students to cheat and also make them to study ahead.

She said that many people finish their exam early and no body was found cheating.


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