Because we all know that lions is strong animal, and the five lions cause serious riot in one Australian zoo an it escape from for their lion Den.

And the animals that escaped, was include one adult and cubs was found seen outside their cage for Taronga Zoo around 6:30pm on Wednesday.

Because the zoo was under lock-down and they shoot one cub to sleep before they could be an able to carry all of it back to the cage, but according to the zoo-keeper no body wounded for the incident.

But until now we don’t know how the lions escape, but we don’t know how it takes escaped. But executive director Mr Simon Duffy Simon Duffy call it problems but are we are going to ” investigate this incident.

Mr Duffy as it he was passing the report to the people.

Fortune the lions hide in one small area that it was”near” their exhibit.

The place where they escaped to, is just about 100m from where the guests sleep in the night. I make sure I close it.

He also said “that the lions don’t leave that particular place they enter comot, and they don’t leave Taronga zoo too”.

Because the CCYTV footage show that the keeper worry about the missing lions within 10 minutes, but according to the zoo.

And the Staff guard all the people that was in the zoo rapidly to safe place. Mr Duffy reveal that it was four lions that enter their cage.

Duffy said, the lion cage door will always locked for other inspection to make sure that it was “100% safe.”

Is not easy for animals to escape from Australian zoos.

But since 2009, that one lioness escape it’s enclosure for Mogo zoo, south of Sydney, and it was shoot to dead because it cause danger to the public.

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