The game between Man Utd VS Newcastle end up with O:O

This match is a very strong one, even C Ronaldo, Casemiro, B Fernandes has collected yellow care , which means Man United player receive three yellow card.

The Match Stats

Man United vs Newcastle

15 Shots 9

2 Shots on Target 2

63% Possession. 37%

508 Passes. 299

The Stadium: Old Trafford

The match end up with 0:0

Is only one player in Newcastle receive yellow card and his name is D Burn. The Newcastle succeeded to draw the match, though according to Chris prediction that this game will end with 1:1

Let see the predictions of Chris Sutton and Ian against Manchester United and Newcastle United

Chris Sutton prediction : He predict this game to end with 1:1 draw.

But the game fully end up with 0:0 but indeed his prediction has come to end up with draw.

Ian prediction : that the game will end up with 1:2

But his prediction didn’t come to pass.

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