Photos of the top five MGBN that will represent Nigeria

The 2022/2023 MGBN selects top five, and the first was 24-years old Ada Eme who will be model and event planner that represent Abia state win the crown.

It was officials announced Ada as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2022/2023.

This national competition was held at Lagos state on Friday, 21 October, 2022.

Out of 37 beautiful girls that competite who will win the crown, Ada Emerged beat the 36 others to win the 34th MBGN edition to grab the oppourtunity to represent Nigeria for Miss World.

Indeed Ada Eme take over from last year winner Oluchi Madubuike.

The top five winners that will represent for the international competition

All the top five winners will represent Nigeria for the international category of the title that they got to their self.

  • Our new Queen, Ada Eme will represent Nigeria for the 71st Miss World beautiful pageant.
  • The second position was Miss Edo, Montana Onose Felix will represent Nigeria for Miss Universe.
  • The third position was Miss Anambra, Genevieve Ukatu will represent Nigeria for Miss Supranational event.
  • The fourth position was Miss Abuja, Ifeoma Uzogheli, that will represent for Miss Ecowas.
  • While the fiveth position was Miss Lagos, Lydia Balogun, that will represent Nigeria for Miss Tourism.

Nigeria once win Miss World when Miss Agbani Darego, the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2001 win as the first black African to win the International Title.

See others photos of Queens from the 2022/ 2023 MGBN award

Queen Ada Eme
Miss (Queen) Ada Emerged from Abia state
All the contestants

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