There are millions of Android Apps on the play store. Some Apps is good, while some are phony, but I’m here to guide you through how you can sieve those Apps.

Although, many people whom doesn’t know how those quality and trusted Apps work ignore them, we will discuss about 3 Apps that work perfectly. But there is many apps too that work well.

You Tube

About millions of You Tube users know how sweet and good the App be, using youtube in your Android phone phone, you will enjoy how good it was.

Youtube is one of the trending Apps that people use for short videos, like comedy and entertainment.

All the people that have the opportunity to subscribe to youtube premium will have an access to their content and features, such like playing music while the screen is on.


Sometimes Facebook version is getting back, Twitter is the best place to place your birthday or photos and you will be on-top of the news.

Following all the content creators, actors and follow all news impression and opinions roll.

Movies and videos

It’s not a streaming service, but is app that you will enjoy it while watching it.

You can watch any latest movies or videos with a little data, the app has over 90000 TV on it, with can show your favorite films.

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