Numerous students in one primary school for Sydney, Australia got injured after one classroom science experiment that their mixture went wrong.

On the statement, they rush two students with ambulance to hospital with serious burns while nine others have lighter burns.

But the initial reports, according to the outlet (9) nine news that , the experiment was mix with sodium bicarbonate and methylated spirits.

Paramedics, helicopters, and fire trucks comes to the school for their rescue and safety operations.

What cause the explosion of the experiment

Although the incident happen for most of the West Public School around local time (02:00 GMT) on Monday.

The new South Wales Ambulance Acting Superintendent Phil Templemen has said that the wind that affect the experiment explode the chemicals the that they use for the mixture.

The children between 10 to 11 years according to the report person – they got burns on their face, chest, lower abdomen and legs, according to the Sydney Morning Herald center (SMH).

Even one of their teacher also collect treatment for minor injured.

SMH receive report that one teacher went outside to follow them speak.

One standard school science experiment that people can check it online what they call Carbon sugar snake, which they use methylated spirits and baking soda (which knows as sodium bicarbonate).

Is the way they mix the sugar with baking soda, and it was place small of the mixture for sand which soak with methylated spirits before they ligh fire.

Photos of the school premises


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