Xi Jinping the Chinese great leader

Chinese Xi Jinping has break history as he received third term leadership on Sunday plus set up new Politburo Standing Committee that his members aim loyalists.

With his good leading, Xi Jinping cement his position as the country most powerful ruler since Make Zedong.

Shanghai Communist Party chief Li Qiang, 63, follow Xi Jinping climb stage as they introduce their new leadership team, meaning that his likely to succeed Li Keqiang as premier when he will be retire for March.

The other members of the seven-man Standing Committee, was the Chinese top governing body, was Zhao Leji and Wang Huning, that returns from the previous committee, and newcomers Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang and Li Xi. Li Qiang is also new to the Standing Committee.

One thing is that they all believed that, they will continue be loyal to Xi Jinping , it was 69 that being re-appointed on Sunday as chairman of the Central Military Commission

Xi Jinping and his follow great legends

“It was abnormal one sided victory for one faction, this was rare for the tradition of the Communist Party, they used to have rough balance of power,” Willy Lam said, also the senior fellow for U.S. thanks for Jamestown Foundation.

“It meant that, nobody can check it, also no checks and balances. Xi Jinping also has the total control over the big Politburo and Central Committee,” he said.

But the unveiling of the Standing Committee and the bigger 24-members Politburo comes one day after the closing of the ruling Communist Party 20th Congress, where they add amendments to the party charter to cement the core status of Xi Jinping and the guiding role of his political thought within the party.


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