If you check very well, every year people comes with new and their own slangs that trend. Because the slangs they will trend all through the year.

The slangs can come out from song, come short video skit, old movies or even comics or memes from internet doings, the popular words that will viral sotáy, most of the young people used jargon language that there parents will not understand.

Because, as the year is about end, that is why bring the trending slangs that viral this 2022 .

Most of the people used it for text conversation stickers and memes or GIFs which make sense pass.

We will also tell you the origin of where they from come and how they use it, because is good for you to use it self form Gen Z

What Mr funny means by something Hooge

Because this is one of the words on Internet comedian, Sabinus used trend.

For viral comedy skit, he requested to keep him ATM with the POS person to borrow money, and he used the word: I’m expect something hooge.

Now many people was using it when they big money.

Check out: Sope Otilo

This particular one comes from the song Otilo (Izz Gone) that the dancer Poco Lee follow HotKid bring come outside.

Otilo was Yoruba language, which mean it’s(Izz) gone.

For instance, if you want to inform your that they stole your money for where you kept it, you can says Otilo it’s (Izz ) Gone.

‘Them done they carry me go where I no know’

Because the Otilo song also include “them done they carry me go were I no know” mean confusion or like they want to kidnap you, or some where like the private commercial car business, when you are carry at the back, pass road that you don’t know.

The meaning: Breakfast

The popular slangs “E done cast, last-last, nah everybody go chop…”

Another one is, Breakfast for Nigerian no be morning food again ooo… (besides who get time for Lagos), it was the current word when person dump you.

Like that, them done serve breakfast o…..

This song that Burna Boy create make him viral global for the first single of his Love, Damini album was the title.

Plenty people says that the reason he sing the song, it was because of his longtime ex, Stefflon .

The slangs: E plenty

Another one that trend this year, that create by Burna Boy : E plenty.

It comes from another song from the 2022 Love, it was Damini that he call It’s plenty.


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