Is only the 144,766 Federal civil servants under the consolidation of public service salary structure will benefit from the new 40% peculiar allowance introduced by the federal government.

This implies that other worker under employment of the federal government but operating under different salary structure will not benefit.

For instance, University workers, who are under the consolidated Medical Doctor, and University Academy salary structure, who works for the Federal Government, will not also benefit from the pay rise as they under consolidated Medical Doctor salary scale.

While other categories of Federal workers who will not benefit from the peculiar allowance are nurses, non-academic workers in tertiary institution, the people and the members of the armed forces, among others.

In a memorandum obtained by our correspondent on Saturday, the National salaries income and wages commission headed by Mr Ekpo Nta noted that only 144,766 staff members of the Federal civil servants under the CONPSS salary structure would paid.

Mr Ekpo Nta said in a memorandum addressed to the minister of finance, budget and National planning, Mr Zainab Ahmed, which was sighted by our correspondent on Saturday, ” I refer to my letter number, SWC/S/04/S, 651/11/271 dated 24th of February 2023, and the conclusion of the 11th meeting of the presidential committee of salaries held on 7th March, 2023 on the above-mentioned subject and transfer approval for the Federal ministry of finance, budget and National planning to carry out the peculiar allowance attached herewith for staff on the consolidated public service salary structure”.

“This approval takes effect on January 1st, 2023 and the estimate for sum of N79 billions, and N373 millions , N 340 thousand naira, and N959 thousand naira (N79,373,340, 959.00) per annum required to implement it for the 144,766 staff on CONPSS will be funded from the treasury.

“The commission will be periodically monitor the implementation of this approval through salary inspection”.

In a breakdown attached to the memorandum, the commission stated that a total 144,766 all the staff members would benefit from the payment.

Tje minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, had disclosed that the Federal government approved a pay raise for civil servants in the country.

He added that the pay rise had been include in the 2023 budget, nothing that it would takes effect from the 1st of January, 2023.

Chris Ngige explained the pay raise as a peculiar allowance for civil servants in view of the current economic reality and it was meant to help government workers to cushion the effects of rising inflation, hikes in transportation fare, and rising cost of living, housing and electricity tariffs.

ASUU, however protested the exclusion of its members from the payment of the peculiar allowance.

The National Union president, Prof Emmanuel Osodeke, accused the government of trying to create problems in the system, ASUU would study the situation on the ground and make it stand any moment from now.

We just saw news this evening that arrears are been paid to workers. Indeed we are surprised, however, we will study the situation. Because the government is simply trying to revoke a problems in the system. We are watching and we are studying the situation of things on the ground.”

The government will spend N79.37bn annually to fund the pay rise, even as some workers have begin enjoying the largesse.

The amount, according to information obtained by our correspondent, will be funded from the treasury.

Some Federal civil servants, who spoke to our correspondent on Saturday, said they’re started receiving bank alerts of the arrears for the first three months of the year,

A high ranking civil servant in Ilorin the Kwara state, who spoke on condition of anonymity, noted that the arrears came alongside the April salary.

Even, “I received my own arrears salary on (Saturday). Some of our colleagues have also confirmed the receipt of the arrears, it with alongside of our April salaries, the civil servant said.

An Ibadan-base civil servant, who confirmed the development, he said, ” yes it is true, though I’m a teacher in a Federal Government school, I can confirm to you that I received my April salary alongside the arrears.”

The president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari ( retd.), had proposed a 40% pay rise for workers to cushion the effects of the planned removal of fuel subsidy.

For the spokesman for the ministry of Labour, Employment and productivity, Olajide Oshundun, said the pay rise would be applicable from all workers from level 1 to 17.

How NARD react

The Nigeria association of resident Doctors has kicked against the exclusion of doctor from the Federal Government’s pay rise for civil servants.

On Saturday , the president of NARD, Dr Emeka Orji, said, our members aren’t happy with that development, because more than one year the Federal Government commenced the process of increment in the consolidated Medical salary structure both for doctor and other health workers, that process are yet to be completed.

“We are much happy that they have increase the civil servants salary, but the only thing is that they are yet to do ours up till now. These are some of the things that is causing agitation.

” I am sure that when we have our national emergency council meeting on Friday, 28th April, 2023, this will be part of our major discussion and decision will be taken in that meeting.”

Dr Emeka Orji, said the association might be forced to take a more drastic action if urgent steps where not taken regarding pay rise for its members.

Addition, we have gone past the era of petitioning the government.

We are currently having a hard time calming our members down and it may not be as easy as we did at the January NEC meeting.

Instead of increasing the salary, the government is trying to use the back door to sponsor a bill to restrict our movement.


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