A Czech-Nigerian, Yemi Akinyemi Dele knowing as Yemi AD has made the list of crew members involving the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to join him for the first civilian mission to the moon that will take place on 2023.

In 2018, the entrepreneur bought all the seats in the Starship that Elon Musk SpaceX developed and they will journey to the moon for one week before they will come back.

For the Sake that he want to give talented people the opportunity to join him for the trip, the billionaire announce on March 2021 that he plan to choose eight crew members from across the world.

Announcing the list, crew leader, Maezawa knowing as MZ says: “I am happy to have this amazing pipo to follow me on my journey to the moon and was excited to see the creation they came up with in space.”

They selected the crew members from one-million people across the world.

What you need to about Yemi Akinyemi Dele?

Yemi AD on his profile for the ‘Dear Moon’ page said: “I am doing this to remind all the creative kids out there that no matter how you start your journey, but where you aim, we will prove that with imagination, your potential does not have limit.”

Yemi Akinyemi Dele father is from Nigeria and his mother is from Czech Republic. They gave birth to him in Czech Republic and he said he represent both Africa and Eastern Europe.

They gave birth to him in 1981 and he is multi-disciplinary creative, social innovator and choreographer that teaches kids, people and organisation how to move into their creativity.

Yemi AD said when MZ announce on zoom meeting that he has selected him to join on the trip, he screamed and stood up immediately and begun to dance and forgot that the entrepreneurs are still online, and people from MZ side began to laugh. He said he sat down and began to sweat and he did not believe it.


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