News was giving by EMMANUEL

around 12:00pm

This incident happen around 12 noon today through the process of the man of the house answering call.

Thank God that his children is not yet back from school because this gas explosion it was a very severely one which occur accidentally.

One of his neighbors said that they are all surprised because they thought that is unknown gunmen that is attacking. But when they come out to check, it was gas explosion occur through the phone call that the man answered, because his wife was cooking with the gas before he answered the call.

This incident happen at Rivers State, Port Harcourt, is good to always follow the precautions on the manual of what you buy or bought, this is lesson to everyone that came around this news should stop answering call when gas is on.

Because this husband and wife is now in the hospital unconsciously. They don’t know whether they we leave or not, so please be aware about gas explosion of phone call answering.

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