They will never see me coming

The popular music star, it make the sentence go viral as he sing with Fireboy song Bandana.

Even this year, he created another viral slang, “E chock you?”.

Because this is just an exclamation, like when you are discussing serious something with person and the person seems nonplussed.

‘Shey abi you they whine me’

The thing is that, this language don’t has specific origin and anybody can use it, it was revival for 2022.

Although this shows up after Ogoni-born gospel singer, Austin De Bull also shows up with the particular name for October.

Because they begin used it and saying it in a song rhythm for conversations for social media as well as in real life too.

Like an example:

I : If you are asking your friend for some money, and said he as no money

ii : Abi Shey you they whine me niiii……

Even this one: they Play

Although this one has origin from social media influencers because w hen they flaunt what they had.

Just like an example, if a house is build, they will be saying it for background” Just they play”.

Another one: God abeg

Because the language come from the controversial musician Portable, during when he was written one wonderful song.

Even the video of this song that he release for social media really go viral sotáy, victoms of sapa, it was using it come dey use am as culturgen.

But for Sapa survivalist, if you don’t want brokenness from your life again, you will says God Abeg thrice a day.

But the complete song that Portable wrote we still still waiting for it.


Even recently, the French Ambassador come to Nigeria, Madam Emmanuelle Blatmann was asking the meaning of Japa, Nigerian quickly twist her brain, says it was entrepreneurial spirit.

“I no know where them they carry me they go”.

But japa, just come inform of a migration that just land in Nigeria. For the previous years, because many Nigerians was finding way to leave out the country.

It was Naira Marley that makes the language popular on his song JAPA in 2018.

O tun ti Zeh

It was Portable that release this one, when had one nice thing that you are not expecting.

Otun ti zeh which literally mean, “it has happen”.

Olamide and Poco Lee first use this slangs, Zazu Zeh when it hit last year 2021.

Woto Woto

Woto woto is just a street slang language use by the South South region of Nigeria.

But for this year 2022, it really moves and popular pass for the area where it starts from.

Many people today was using it, when they watch Selina Tested that trend this year 2022.

For instance if you want to fuck up for something, they use for threaten person with beating.

Like instance, you go collect woto-woto.

According to: Emi Lokan

The words in English roughly don’t mean that it was my turn.

This word began to trend after the Presidential candidate for the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) , Bola Ahmed Tinubu use it for his speech that took place at Ogun state.

This statement took place in June 2022 and started trend well for social media sotáy people has been using it.

‘Miracle ney they tired Jesus’

It was 2021 that this one come from the gospel song with the particular name says Mayor Thompson sing.

So from there it began to trend at the end of the year and they also used to describe among the wins of the year.

Mostly now it was jokes people that use it most.

You can imagine how chicken know road and move to its house on Christmas Day, “that can thing”.


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